Why that 'genius' onesie laundry hack isn't so clever


There are many reasons it feels like the world has gone mad and this is probably the most trivial of them all.

There's a baby onesie laundry hack being touted as "genius" doing the rounds right now and I"m not the only one baffled as to how it actually saves time and effort.

The "hack" posted on the Nubs and Bumps Facebook page, purports to free parents from the hassle of hanging out a baby onesie to dry, by using the crotch snaps.

The accompanying comment exclaimed, "Oh my god why did no one tell me about this hack sooner!"

There's one good reason no-one ever told them about this hack - it's because it's actually more work.
I'm not going to knock what works for other people to genuinely decrease their workloads but this one seems to be purely aesthetic. Sure those cute onesies look spectacular all lined up and drying beautifully with no creases, but does the method realistically reduce task time?
I had my first two children in 2005 and 2007 respectively. It was a time before zippered Wondersuits and I had to do up every single one of those damn snaps one-by-one.
Once my babies were bigger, it became a form of torture, no matter how cute they looked, all bathed and ensconced like little sausages in their Wondersuits.
To make matters worse, I had carpal tunnel with my second baby, that didn't go away until he was a year old, so doing those snaps up with no feeling in my fingers and a squirmy 10kg 6-month-old was quite the task.
Then came zippered Wondersuits, which I bought en masse for my third baby until the age of 3. Those things truly are the very definition of genius. No more press studs!
And there's a good reason the humble peg still exists. If peg marks bother you, then hang the onesie by the crotch. With a single peg.


Or I have the very best hack for hanging out onesies in a split second and it looks like this:
Photo: Shutterstock
I'm not the only one questioning the validity of this hack. The post, which has been shared more that 30 000 times and attracted 55 000 comments has many scratching their heads though there are a few coming to the defence of the method.
"Omg! How long would it take to button up all those press studs! No sleep deprived mummy / daddy is doing this."
"It only takes as long as it takes to peg it, I do this but I only close the two outer studs."
Anything with velcro though - yep, that's a legit laundry hack. This commenter is all over it.
"This would literally take so much longer than chucking a peg on each thing.

I do it for the bibs though. Because the Velcro makes it heaps quicker."