Why mums everywhere need this mug

This cup is a game changer for mums.
This cup is a game changer for mums. Photo: Instagram

If you're a mama to little ones then the following scenario will probably be oh-so familiar. You've been up several times during the night with a crying bub and you're so tired your eyeballs are aching. Morning arrives far too quickly so you:

1.Make yourself a coffee because it's the only way you can function - even if it's only at half-capacity.

2. Lift that delicious caffeinated beverage to your lips for a glorious sip of bliss.

3. Watch on as your little one vomits/produces an epic code brown/rolls onto their tummy and vocally express their displeasure at the sudden turn of events (see what I did there?)/requires a feed ASAP/ etc. etc.

4. Place delicious, lifesaving, caffeinated cup of heaven down to attend to bub.

5. Locate said cup after forgetting where you left it (usually somewhere random like atop the washing machine).

6. Discover it's now stone cold.

7. Pop it in the microwave to reheat.

8 .Repeat.


#Tooreal, am I right?

Well, have we found the solution for tired, caffeine-deprived mamas everywhere. 

Introducing the Ember Ceramic Mug, a cup promising to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature "from the first sip to the last drop."

This nifty cup, which appeared on TIME's 25 best inventions of 2017, keeps your drink warm for around an hour on its own and for an unlimited amount of time on its special charging saucer. 


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The mug connects to an app on your phone or apple watch, enabling you to pick your preferred temperature remotely. It then sends you a notification when your drink is ready - and maintains your cuppa to the exact degree.


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If you're interested in the finer details, the team at Ember say the mugs feature a "phase change cooling system, a micro-processor controlled heating system, and a network of sensors, working together to provide an unparalleled drinking experience."

Sadly, this unparalleled drinking experience doesn't come cheap: the mug is yours for $123 on Amazon. And the travel mug, for use on the go, is almost twice the price.


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When you think about it, however, it's probably a small price to pay for sanity - and a consistently hot morning pick-me-up.