When you have a change of heart about your baby's name

Big brother Bobby re-introducing his little sister, Florence.
Big brother Bobby re-introducing his little sister, Florence. Photo: Facebook/The Young Mummy

Shortly after giving birth to her baby daughter, Sophie Cachia - AKA Aussie blogger The Young Mummy - began having doubts about the name she'd chosen for her little one.

Welcomed to the world as "Betty", an adorable little sister for her two-year-old brother Bobby, there was one problem: Cachia soon posted that she wasn't sure the name suited her baby girl.

"Anyone have issues with names post-birth?" she asked her followers. "I'm starting to worry she doesn't look like a Betty. And doubting if I should have gone with another name."

On Friday, Cachia shared on Facebook that those doubts had lingered - so much so that she and her husband had decided to change their little one's name.

Baby Betty was then re-introduced to the world as "Florence" (or "Flossy", according to her proud big brother).

In fact, big brother Bobby was given the very important task of informing Cachia's followers of his parents' mistake, as Cachia told the story on Facebook from his perspective.

"So y'all want to hear a funny story?" it said. "My mum & dad fu*ked up. Like, bayyyyyyd. Mum was all drugged up and hormonal and started to doubt my sissy's name as soon as she was born."

And while his mum fell back in love with the name Betty, Bobby tells us that it was his dad's turn to have a change of heart.


" LOLZ. Good one Dad," he says. "Fair to say mum went into bonkers-batshit-meltdown-mode. It wasn't that they didn't LIKE the name anymore, something about her chubby cheeks not suiting it and the feel just wasn't right."

The post then went on to explain that his parents wanted him to get his head around his sister's new name before reintroducing their little one on social media.

"Sucked in to mum because she unfortunately has to inform over 250k people #spewing.

"To my folks, it's really not that big of a deal. Cmon, she was 8 days old when they changed it ... it's not like she will remember. Just like I hope she won't remember that I honked her nose wayyyyyyyy too hard today."

Judging by the response to Cachia's announcement, they're not the first parents to experience doubts about their bub's chosen name.

"Happens all the time!" one commenter wrote. "Florence is a beautiful name, and you've still got Betty in the mix. You poor thing! Hope you didn't fret too much over this, not the easiest decision to make."

"My mum did the same with my little sister," another wrote. "It's all good!"

"Oh I'm glad we aren't the only ones to change our child's name," shared another mum. "We left ours a bit longer though but still hadn't registered it! Tough to deal with initially but you know you are doing the right thing so it gets easier!"

Previous research has found that around one in five women experience baby name regret, with Amelia, Anne, Charlotte, Daniel, Jacob, James and Thomas, listed as the most "frequently" regretted monikers.