'We accidentally called our daughter Lasagne': mum seeks help with baby name dilemma

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It was meant to be a touching tribute to her grandma, but instead a baby girl will forever be associated with lasagne.

Her parents were originally going to call their daughter Elizabeth Jane (undisclosed last name), but changed her middle name to Anya after her grandmother who passed away two months before she was born. It all seemed fine until they started calling her Liz. Get it, Liz Anya.

Going by the name of 'namedmydaughterpasta', baby Elizabeth's mum wrote about the unintentional mistake on Reddit and asked for advice.

"Her middle name was originally going to be Jane, with the intent to call her EJ, however, when I was seven months pregnant, my husband's mother lost her fight with breast cancer," she said.

"I loved her, so I offered to change the middle name from Jane to Anya."

But recently a family member pointed out a problem with the new name.

"We've been having frequent group-Skype sessions with family during the stay-home mandate so our families can see the baby, see us, see each other and stay connected," she said.

"My sister pointed out that we named our baby 'Lasagne'.

"I told my sister that I doubt anyone would make that connection, especially considering people rarely use their middle names in daily life. But then my whole family chimed in and now everyone keeps calling my daughter 'Lasagne'."


Despite asking her family to quit calling her daughter the delicious pasta dish, they continued.

"I have asked them to stop because one day Liz will know they're making fun of her and she'll be hurt," she said.

"My sister told me if I didn't want people to make fun of her name then I shouldn't have named her what I did."

She's stopped Skyping with her family. And asked Reddit readers for advice on what to do.

And they didn't disappoint.

"Lean in and change your last name to Garfield," said one person.

"And while you're at it, if you have a second kid, name them Odie," said another person.

"Or just Skype them with some frozen lasagne since that is what they are so keen to see," someone else said.

And swaddle the lasagne in a baby blanket, said another.

While others shared funny names that they'd encountered in life.

"There was a guy at my school named Stewart Pidcock. Everyone obviously shortened his name to Stew…," someone said.

"My mum initially wanted me to have my great grandmother's name, Thalia, as my middle name. Once she said my first and middle name together though, it didn't seem like the best idea. My first name is Jenna," said another.

Someone else told how they had a friend called Dr Yuri Nate.

While this woman didn't understand what her initials meant until she was older, but it didn't bother her: "My initials before I got married were PMS".

And while some suggested they change their daughter's name to stop the teasing, they all agreed her family were being jerks.

"I'm really confused why your sister would mock this being that it's the name you gave to honour a dead relative," one person said.

"They are being cruel to taunt an infant by calling her names," someone else said.

The parents are now looking into officially changing their baby's name to Elizabeth Jane Anya.

It could be worse she could've been named after a body part, like comedian Amy Schumer's baby. 


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She recently revealed on the podcast 3 Girls, 1 Keith that her baby's name Gene Attell had to be changed after an innocent mistake.

"Do you guys know that Gene, our baby's name is officially changed? It's now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer, but we realised that we, by accident, named our son 'Genital," Amy said.

Amy and her husband Chris Fischer have now officially changed their son's middle name to David.