Video of twins avoiding bedtime will put you off children forever

Two-year-old twins Nathaniel and Leon are double trouble for mum Henriette Jonassen at bedtime.
Two-year-old twins Nathaniel and Leon are double trouble for mum Henriette Jonassen at bedtime. 

Go to a sleep clinic for a toddler with sleep issues and you're likely to get the following advice: follow a bedtime routine, then calmly leave your child to sleep, returning them back to their bed if necessary. Rinse and repeat.

That can be frustrating enough if you have one wilful child, but add in a twin sibling and boom - there go any plans for a relaxing evening.

For evidence, just watch this hilarious yet also terrifying video of Norwegian mother Henriette Jonassen, 21, attempting to get two-year-old toddlers Leon and Nathaniel to sleep in separate rooms.

Since being shared on YouTube on July 24 the video has gone viral, inspiring Jonassen to start a blog where she explains her motivation for the new sleep routine.

“I’ve been having a hard time getting my twins to bed recently because of the heat and long, sunny days, and I thought I’d try something new," she wrote. 

Jonassen said that she was tired of the boys waking each other up in the night and them both ending up in her bed, giving her hardly any room to sleep. But in a country where the summer sun rises at 5am and doesn't set until 11pm, she thought she wouldn't have much luck. "I was pretty certain it wouldn’t work, so I filmed it,” she wrote.

Shocked at the popularity of the video, which has now reached almost 3 million views, Jonassen has also reached out at critics who suggest she smack her children for misbehaving. 

"When you call me a bad mum, tell me I never should have kids and encourage me to hit my kids, I can’t just sit back and say nothing. I won’t."


"I live in Norway, and if we hit our kids we lose them. Thank god for that! I live in a peaceful country with low crime, and I love it here."

Jonassen then explains the regular, gentle bedtime routine she uses and says that she appreciates the benefits of co-sleeping, if only she had some space of her own. She says the boys are currently staying with their father and she is able to catch up on some sleep.

"When the weather gets normal and the sun sets earlier, I’ll go back to our normal routine ... But for now, this works for us. If you want to judge, be my guest. Now I’ve at least told my story."

Stay tuned for more updates from this mother, now that she has secured a manager to manage her unexpected new-found audience.