Video: Did this baby really say 'I love you'?

At the tender age of two months, it’s rare for a baby to be able to communicate much at all beyond crying.

But according to Stephanie Passalacqua, her young daughter mimicked her dad while sitting on his lap, supposedly repeating the words ‘I love you’.  

Luckily she caught the moment on camera and uploaded it to YouTube. Although it has been on the video sharing site for two years, it has only recently gone viral, and has now been seen more than 2.5 million times.

But the video is dividing audiences around the world: did this baby really say ‘I love you’?

While many viewers of the YouTube clip say that it’s just a coincidence, others have marvelled at the similarity of sounds. Watch the video above to see it for yourself! 

What do you think - did the baby really deliberately mimic her dad? Or was a fluke? Vote  in the poll and have your say in the comments below. 

Bonus video: Want to see another cute video featuring ‘I love you’ mimicry? Check out the video of Mishka the husky telling her owners how she feels about them below. Now that’s a talented dog!