Video: Baby sniffs beardless dad to make sure it's him

She looks him up and down and then touches his chin, but baby Lindsey still isn't sure this clean-shaven man is her dad.

So what does the little girl do to ensure the man holding her is who he claims he is? She sniffs him, of course.

This cute video records the first time this one-year-old see her dad after he shaved off the beard he had sported for all of his daughter's life.

In the clip, the father says: "Hey baby girl", but little Lindsey isn't convinced.

But she doesn't get upset at the prospect of the man being a stranger. Instead she engages in a bit of detective work, softly bringing her nose in to take a sniff of her the man's chin. 

She seems pleased with what she has smelt, giving her dad a little smile.

The curious yet calm interaction is a world away from a video shared in Spetember, which showed a young girl seemingly distraught over her dad's transformation