Video: A mother's love for her premmie baby

A mum's love ... Lyndsey and her son Ward during their first cuddle.
A mum's love ... Lyndsey and her son Ward during their first cuddle. Photo: Benjamin Scot

“This video sums up my son's first year. He was born way too early, and the obstacles he had to overcome were really big, but not bigger than our God.” 

With these words, Benjamin Scot introduces his video, ‘Ward Miles: First Year’. 

But the video isn’t all about his son, who was born 15 weeks premature – as Scot writes, this is also a story of a mother’s love for her baby. 

The video begins with the first time Scot’s wife, Lyndsey, is allowed to hold her tiny, tube and wired-covered baby, when he’s four days old and weighs less than 680 grams. It then continues on as he’s eventually allowed home – oxygen tube and all – and he grows ever stronger and healthier … with lots and lots of smiles, kisses and cuddles along the way.

It’s a beautiful tribute to Scot’s son and wife, and yes, you will want to keep the tissues handy.

As Scot commented on his Vimeo page, his son, now 16 months old, still has a few more hurdles to overcome, but the Ohio couple are so thankful for how far he’s come. 

Lastly, the professional videographer and photographer thanks the doctors, nurses and hospital staff who help premmie babies like his son every day. “It's because of you that my son ever stood a chance to make it home!” he writes – and in that way, it’s a bit of a loving tribute to them, too.

Watch the beautiful video of Ward’s first year below, and see more of Scot's work on his Vimeo page