Things I had forgotten about babies

Raising a child has many rewards, but also a lot of downsides, including that it messes up parents' immune systems.
Raising a child has many rewards, but also a lot of downsides, including that it messes up parents' immune systems. Photo: Getty Images

Given the five year age gap between my first and second child, it's fair to say that I'd forgotten a lot about babies.  

I'd forgotten just how much every day is a bit groundhog, how many times a day you boil the kettle yet never get to make a cup of tea and just how often these little munchkins need feeding.  

However, I'd also forgotten some other things that are slowly but surely coming back to me. 

Babies smell - and not always in a good way

There's nothing like that baby 'smell' people say and, sure, babies really do smell beautiful. But, quite honestly, it usually coincides with them coming straight out of the bath.  Well, either that or a good wash down with a warm cloth, scented wet wipe or a dousing in baby talcum powder.

For the rest of the time babies actually smell a bit….well, gross.  If it's not stale milk festering away in the crook of their neck rolls, it's farts, spit up, vomit or poo – all of which come in varying degrees of 'ability to clear the room'.

Babies sleep lots…with some help

In their first few weeks, babies sleep a lot (even if you don't).  They get tired after the smallest amount of time being awake and it takes nothing more than a quick chat to over stimulate them.

Yet, despite this, you feel like a good part of your day is spent rocking, patting and shooshing them to sleep.  This is particularly the case when you're trying to achieve a small task.


Which brings me onto my next point

Babies know when you're busy

One thing that's guaranteed when it comes to babies is their amazing ability to cry, scream, vomit, or poo just when you're about to do something.

After spending an hour settling your baby, you only have to switch the kettle on to ensure that their eyes will ping open, along with their lungs.  It's a similar case when you're about to step into the shower, try clothes on in a change room or leave the house.

Babies are noisy 

It's hard to believe that something so small can create so much noise – and I'm not talking about the obvious screaming and crying here.

I'm talking about the grunting, groaning, cooing and chatter that splurts from their little lips the minute they arrive. They're like little beings from another world testing out their vocal abilities  - not to mention your tolerance to having them in the bedroom at night! 

Babies are the best time wasters 

It's easy to lose hours upon hours staring at your adorable new family member.  What starts off as a simple cuddle and coo on the couch, turns into half a day snuggling them and smiling in adoration at EVERY.LITTLE.THING they do.

You marvel at their tiny fingers and toes.  You gush over their rolls of baby fat and you grin inanely at their variety of facial expressions as they sleep.

But above all else you pinch yourself repeatedly that you created this perfect little being.  Oh and there goes another hour!

Babies' smiles melt your heart

Despite all the sleepless nights, the spew covered tops, and the poonami episodes that see you bathing in disinfectant, your love for your new baby knows no bounds.

And when they smile at you for the first time – and every time after that – your heart melts that little bit more and you fall in love all over again.