The sweet Snow White cake smash that didn't quite go to plan

 Photo: Casey Dugue Photography

Baby cake smashes are the absolute cutest.

It's a first birthday trend we never mind seeing the results of, and we enjoy seeing all the creativity and love that goes into it.

One lucky baby from Maryland, US, got the cake smash we all dream of - complete with hand-crocheted Snow White dress and headband, and an apple cake for baby to destroy.

Paula Courange is a huge Disney fan, so the Snow White-themed event for her daughter Amelia was a no-brainer. She crocheted the Snow White outfit herself, and then hired photographer Casey Dugue to document the big event.

Speaking to ABC News, Paula said, "The dress took me probably a month off and on. If you put it in hours, it may have been 48 hours all together."

The apple cake was a cinch to make, she claims: "Putting it together only took two hours, but the frosting was a pain."

The leaf was made from a fruit chew and the stem was an American treat called a Tootsie Roll.

As fate would have it, little Amelia wasn't all that into her big day as she was feeling unwell, and the photos show she got a bit annoyed by the whole thing. Although honestly, if we were covered in red icing while dealing with a temperature, we might lose it a little too. 


"It looks like she enjoyed herself, but she was getting sick at the time and wanted nothing to do with it," Paula said.

The photos are lovely keepsakes for Amelia and her family and a reminder that with babies you can never assume anything will go to plan.

But Paula is already planning the next one, saying, "The next one I'm going to do is Belle, since Beauty and the Beast is coming out."

We look forward to seeing it!

All photos reproduced with permission. Follow Casey on Facebook or visit her website.