The nursery chair sending mums off their rocker

It's the rocking chair of our dreams.
It's the rocking chair of our dreams. Photo: Instagram

It's the genius invention that has all the mums in the Essential Baby office saying, "Where on earth was THIS when I had a newborn?"

Introducing The Rocking Chair of Our Dreams, which, (sniff, sniff) isn't available here in Australia because life just isn't fair sometimes.

According to California designer Karla DuBois, "Emerson Rocking Chair is designed to keep the ones you love by your side. The rocker and bassinet are firmly attached to one another to create a clean and cohesive combination."

Emerson Rocking Chair by Karla DuBois
Emerson Rocking Chair by Karla DuBois Photo: Karla DuBois

In a nutshell, the design gives parents the option of rocking their child safely in a comfortable environment, hands-free! That means you can scroll Instagram or read a book or hold a bottle!

"The breathable mesh, soft upholstered fabric and rocking motion is ideal for a happy baby," the product descriptions reads. "When they get too big for the cradle, you can remove it from the rocker and used the detached cradle leg to form a rocker."


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If you're in the US, the chair will set you back around $600. 

And while it's hard to tell from the pretty pictures alone just how fabulous it actually is, over on their site, reviews seem mostly favourable.

"Very easy to get out of for a new mum," one mama noted. "Bassinet side is very roomy. Super easy to put together. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is it isn't super comfortable but seems like it will work great for what we need."


"Easy to assemble, looks great, feels great," said another.

A deeper dive into the world of the bassinet/rocker reveals that's it's not even the only option on the market!



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