The display of brotherly love that will break your heart

 Photo: @mschikee / instagram

A toddler gently strokes his baby brother's face with his hand and locks eyes with him. This simple moment of brotherly love is made all the more poignant as his baby brother has terminal cancer.

Their mum, Sheryl Blanksby, snapped the shot when she walked into her living room and found them laying on the couch side-by-side. What you can't hear is what her three-year-old son William said to his four-month-old brother Thomas.

"[Your big brother] is here. Everything is ok," said William.

Thomas was diagnosed with a malignant rhabdoid tumour at six weeks, and doctors have told the family they don't know how much longer he will live.

His mum Sheryl and dad Jon, from Western Australia, said that other than a skin lesion on their son's arm, which looked a like birthmark, he was a happy newborn. But when a lump was found on his abdomen at six weeks old, it was discovered he had a large tumour over his kidney. The cancer has now spread to both lungs and his hip bone.

'We as a family are trying to cope the best way we can, but it has been very hard," they told Daily Mail.

"There are tears and that immense pain of losing someone you love so much. We film him constantly and stare at him and kiss him."

Once they got the devastating news, they then had to tell their son William that his gorgeous little brother had an "ouchie".


"He is aware that Mummy and Daddy are very sad because Thomas is not well," they said.

"William also said that maybe the doctors can't help his baby brother, that's why Mummy and Daddy are sad. So we think he knows in his own way."

It hasn't stopped them creating loving memories as a family and they plan on taking the boys on lots of family trips together.

"Go on fruit picking trips, outdoor movies, family photo shoots, water parks, or even a hot air balloon if that's allowed for three-months-old," they said.

"We often get caught up in our own little world of first problems and we sweat the small stuff, or complain about things that don't matter.

"We forget how to be grateful of the things and life we have."

The family's friends have started a GoFundMe page to raise money so they can concentrate on spending time together as a family.


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