The device for parents determined to capture every moment of their child's life

Benjamin Button: The world's first smart camera is here.
Benjamin Button: The world's first smart camera is here. Photo: Instagram/Benjamin Button

What if you could ensure you never miss a single thing your little one does? What if you could capture every minute of their little life - smiles, steps, hilarious commentary, without being stuck behind your phone?

Well, the solution could be here sooner than you think.

Introducing Benjamin Button, a device being billed as "the world's first smart camera for families".

"Parents are like buttons. They hold things together," says the team behind the (you guessed it) button-shaped camera.

"And now, there is a button that holds the family together."


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In a nutshell, Benjamin can be affixed to either the parents' or child's clothing, allowing video footage to be captured, hands free, from different perspectives.  

Somehow, Ben is clever enough to pick the best moments (apparently using face, sound and activity recognition software), which he then sends on to your phone, for your viewing pleasure.


Ben choosing which memories to send to your phone. Image/Benjamin Button

Cameras are also child-friendly, designed with cheeky toddlers in mind. They can survive dust, being dropped or placed in water, and they're BPA free with no small parts. In that regard, they're better than their GoPro equivalent.

Benjamin Button's founders launched a Kick Starter campaign this week, with a goal of $25,000. It's already fully funded (and some), so parents clearly want to accept the team's invitation to "take parenthood to the next level".

Image/ Benjamin Button

If you feel like you simply must have Benjamin in your life, you can, for the starting price of $179. Currently, they come in three colours (blue, pink and beige), with the first buttons set to be shipped to customers in December 2017, 

Curious to see what a birthday party looks like from a child's perspective? Take a look below. (Just an aside: Benjamin seems to have edited out the inevitable meltdown induced by too much sugar, which makes us wonder what else he might deem not worthy of including in his precious memories reel. We all know the importance of not 'Fakebooking', so we hope Benjamin is okay with showing the messy side of parenting too - not just the highlights. But I digress ...)

While it's certainly a cool gadget, we can't decide whether it's brilliant, or a tad OTT - a slippery slope to The Truman Show, perhaps. It does have the potential to bring parents out from behind their phones and back into the present moment, so that's a pro. And having Ben there to capture those spontaneous moments when you're unprepared for cuteness or hilarity or those out-of-the-mouths-of-babes comments, might also be rather handy. 

Mr Button may well be the future of parenting - or the end of days. It could go either way.

We'll be watching this space.

Take a look at Benjamin in action here: