'She thought she had won': mum-to-be's response when sister-in-law steals her baby name

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Naming your child is an exciting thing to do, but what happens when someone uses the name you had picked out?

One woman has taken to Reddit to ask whether she is in the wrong for giving her daughter the same as her sister-in-law's baby.

"My SIL has never liked me," the mum begins the post.

"She had always tried to one up me," she explains, saying that didn't change when they found out they were both pregnant and due at similar times.

"Her due date was six days after mine, but her girl came early so she gave birth roughly two weeks before me," she said. "We had already announced our name because MIL wanted to make a blanket with baby's name in it."

The woman says her sister-in-law told everyone that the name they chose was a secret.

"Well turns out they named their daughter the name we chose and announced," the disgruntled woman said. "She thought she had won, and I decided it wasn't worth arguing with her.

"I gave birth and we simply went ahead with our name choice. It's a generic name, like Sara or Anna, but it's also my mum's name which is why we chose it. Technically SIL could have planned for this name all along, but I doubt it.

"Well, she's not happy at all that the two cousins now share a name," the mum wrote. "I told her tough luck and why did she think we'd change our name?"


Most users decided that the user wasn't in the wrong because she had made her intentions very clear from the start, whereas her sister-in-law kept it a secret.

"You announced the name, and then you didn't let her little drama move mess with you at all. Class all around!" one user wrote.

"Two cousins with the same first name is not a big deal, they will end up with different nicknames or ways to tell which one you are talking about. It's better to have just gone with the name you chose because otherwise your niece's name would have reminded you daily of your SIL's stunt".

Others wondered what the rest of the family thought about the situation.

"I'm just wondering what brother/BIL is saying about it all," one user asked. "Does he understand that the mother of his child probably named the kid the same name out of a sense of 'I'm gonna win?' Does he not give a damn? Where is he in this?"

Another user said that it doesn't need to cause any friction between the two cousins.

"It's honestly not a big deal. 'Hey kids you have the same age and even the same name! Isn't that cool?'," they suggested.

"Of course, the SIL seems to be petty and vindictive for no reason but no need to make a drama, that's probably what she wants," they pointed out.