Pregnant woman slammed for dating while pregnant: 'Do I tell him?'

The woman asked users if she should tell her date she's pregnant.
The woman asked users if she should tell her date she's pregnant. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A woman has divided the internet by asking if it would be 'gross' to start dating when she's 15 weeks pregnant.

The woman posted on Mumsnet, where she clarified she's single and doesn't see the father of her child outside of general check-ups and appointments.

"Father of baby wants to be involved with baby but that's as far as things go," she wrote, "we barely talk at the moment."

The woman assured users she's not looking for financial support or a 'baby daddy'.

"[I] genuinely just missing the support and companionship, maybe even the attention, of a dating partner," she admitted. "Obviously would be taking things slow."

Revealing she's been chatting to someone recently and he's asked her on a date, but she's not sure how honest she should be.

"If I do go, do I tell him beforehand that I'm pregnant?" the mum-to-be asked users. "Or wait to see how the date goes?"

Although most Mumsnet users didn't have an issue with the woman dating, they strongly advised that she tell him she was expecting, and suggested she take this time to focus on herself and her baby.

"For both of your sakes, please tell him you are pregnant," one user commented. "Maybe join mother and baby groups? Or other hobbies to make friends if you feel you like companionship?"

"I don't think there is anything wrong with being pregnant and dating but you should be upfront," another agreed. "Also maybe take the time to be on your own and prepare for your baby?"

"There are other types of companionship other than romantic," they continued. "Maybe make time to spend catching up with friends."

"You do need to be at peace with the idea of being a single parent though OP," someone else pointed out. "Your child needs to be enough and a man an extra."