Photographer's newborn masterpiece creations

In a parent's eyes, there is no doubt every newborn baby is a work of art.

But a US photographer has taken that idea one step further and has began photographing infants as if they are part of a classic artwork.

Lindsay Walden, from Texas, has been photographing newborn babies for the past six years but only recently came up with the idea of incorporating the work of great artists such as Van Gogh and Monet into her portraits.

"I could think of nothing more perfect for inspiring emotion than creating replicas of classic masterpieces with the purity and stillness of a fresh newborn as the focus," Walden explained to Mashable

"After I thought of the initial idea for the masterpiece collection I spent the next 24 hours creating a folder of images on my computer of all my favourite classic works of art. I was particularly drawn to the impressionist artists and their visible brush strokes and depiction of light."

Walden hand makes the backdrops herself before each portrait session. She dyes the materials and often uses wool pieces they resembles paint brush strokes. The backdrops are all placed over bubble wrap to make a comfortable spot for the babies to lay.

"Each backdrop is uniquely different," she said.

"'The Scream' is made up almost entirely of yarn. Monet's 'Water Lilies' of roving and some lilies I purchased off of eBay. Some have come together quickly and others I've created, pulled apart, and then started again."

Walden said the idea for the photographs was not initially popular with her clients, so she didn't pursue it. But then artist and photographer friends told Walden they thought it was a wonderful concept and convinced her to go ahead with the plans.


Now the adorable portraits, which she calls her Newborn Masterpiece Collection, seem to be a hit with everyone.

"I think because we are all at least somewhat familiar with the classic art pieces, that there is something very personal about viewing my images. Something that feels akin to coming home," Walden explained to Mashable.

"Van Gogh and Monet are part of our lives, part of our families. We all have experienced the original paintings and been touched by them in some way. To see them anew with a fresh perspective and a darling newborn mixed in creates a reaction that is nothing short of visceral."

Walden has created six images so far, and plans on completing six more for the collection.

See Walden's work on her website.