Parents admit to lying about the early days of parenthood

new dad
new dad 

Have you ever lied about how your baby is sleeping? Fibbed about breastfeeding or downplayed witching hour? You're not alone.

New parents lie about how they're coping because they're embarrassed to admit they're finding things tough, according to a new survey.

When asked if they'd ever lied and said they were doing fine when they really weren't, 90 per cent of respondents in a British survey of 1000 new mums said they had fibbed.

Despite struggling to cope, many new parents were reluctant to accept help; a quarter of respondents said they wouldn't ask for or accept help as they'd see it as a sign of failure.

And the reality of parenthood had come as a shock to many, with 79 per cent of new parents saying they found the first three months of their baby's life harder than expected.

Funnily enough, although most were guilty of fudging the truth themselves, 98 per cent of respondents said if they would love it if other people were honest about the challenges of becoming a new parent.

Vicky Shepherd, a spokesperson for the Kiddicare, the company behind the survey, said that parents were feeling overwhelmed and needed to know they weren't the only ones feeling that way.

"The research shows what can really help is hearing the experiences, both good and bad, of other parents who have already been there, [who have] experienced the amazing highs and surprising lows themselves - no sugar coating, just honest tips and advice," she told the Daily Mail

According to the Kiddicare survey, the five most commonly listed highlights of being a parent are: 

  • the little things - the smiles, the cuddles and gurgles (71 per cent)
  • bath time (43 per cent)
  • forming a stronger bond with your partner (36 per cent)
  • feeding time  (22 per cent)
  • forming new friendships (14 per cent)

The five biggest challenges were: 

  • lack of sleep (69 per cent)
  • financial pressures (35 per cent)
  • relationship problems (31 per cent)
  • getting out of the house with your baby (30 per cent)
  • pressure to know all the answers (22 per cent)

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