Paramedic reveals common drowning hazards around the home: 'Only takes a small amount of water'

Photo: Tiny Hearts Education
Photo: Tiny Hearts Education Photo: Instagram

A paramedic and mother-of-two has shared a terrifying clip that shows just how easy it is for toddlers to drown in ordinary household items.

Nikki, who runs the Tiny Hearts Foundation posted a video to Instagram, revealing four everyday household items that young children can drown in - including the toilet, dog bowls, a bucket and the bath.

"The drowning jobs I attended as a paramedic still haunt me to this day," she captioned the video. "It happens with only a small amount of water, in just 20 seconds and is silent."

"Drowning is the world's leading cause of unintentional death for children aged one to three," the mum-of-two continued. "This is particularly devastating, as most of these can be prevented."

As well as checking to make sure there's no water around the house, Nikki also suggests the following:

  • Supervise your little ones while they are in and around water ALWAYS
  • Eliminate hazards [including tipping out water]
  • Restrict access [ensuring that there is a barrier between your child and any body of water]
  • Teach your children how to swim and to be wary of drains

"Share this with someone you love and let's all enjoy summer with our bubs the safest way possible," she concluded the video.

Thousands of parents commented on the post, thanking the mum for sharing her tips and tagging friends and family to take note - with many sharing their experiences. 

"I will never forget walking into the toilet by chance to find my only just walking baby dangling down into the toilet bowl and only just caught him from going head first into the water. Had I have been 15 seconds later...," said one. 

"My toddler nephew drowned in March 2019, I am now so overly cautious I won't even bath the twins alone, or fill the little clam shell with water. It only takes a moment!"

"Powerful video, thank you! My heart aches for anyone who has experienced such a loss."