Packing for a day out with baby

Finding the perfect fit ...
Finding the perfect fit ... 

Preparing for your first outing as a family can be daunting. Having the right items at your disposal can make all the difference to your day - here's what we recommend.

1. Baby wipes

The best invention since sliced bread, baby wipes will be your nappy bag staple even after your children are out of nappies! Not just for cleaning baby's bottom, they can be used for grtubby faces and hands and as a spot cleaner for clothes and upholstery. You can use disposable or make your own reusable cloth wipes.

2. Nappy sacks

Wrap a stinky nappy quickly in a  disposable or reusable bag to save on mess and defuse the smell if you can't throw it or soak it in a hurry.

3. Nappies

Poo-splosions often happen when you least expect it. pack how many you think you'll need, then throw in an extra one or two for good measure.

4. Creams and lotions

We suggest you carry travel-sized bottles of sunscreen, nappy cream and hand sanitiser in your nappy bag for hygiene, safety and comfort. You can sometimes pick up free samples of these items in your Bounty bag or at your local pharmacy.


5. Cloth wraps

You can use a muslin wrap as an impromptu pram cover, change mat, burp cloth, swadddle or breastfeeding cover. They're the ultimate versatile baby item.

6. Change of clothes

As well as a change of clothes for baby, it's not a bad idea to stash a spare t-shirt for yourself in there too, particuarly if you baby is going through a 'spewy' stage.

7. Burp cloth or bib

Depending on whether your baby has started solids, a burp cloth or bib is another must-have.

8. Change mat

You can change your baby anywhere with a re-usable change mat in your car. They're also good to use on top of public change facilities which may be dirty. Make sure to wash your change mat regularly to ensure it's safe and hygenic.

9. Dummies and comforters

If your baby uses a dummy, t's always a good diea to pack an extra couple in the bag, just in case one is dropped or lost. If your baby has a favourtite comfort item, make sure that's top of the list!

10. Bottles, formula or food

Depending on how you feed your baby, you might need to pack clean bottles, formula or expressed breast milk or food. A handy way to carry formula is in a special formula dispenser which means you won't have to measure out the right amount when you're on the move. While many parents like the convenience of baby food pouches, an avacado or banana makes for a fresh and nutritious meal too.

Optional extras

Some other things you may consider packing are small toys, a picnic blanket, water for older babies (and you), and a healthy snack for yourself.

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