My mum can't pronounce our baby's name - am I wrong to ask my wife to change it?

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Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto 

Have you ever had baby name regrets a few weeks into your new little bundle of joy's life? It's okay, you can be honest with us.

One social media user was particularly honest when he, a new father, took to Reddit to ask for advice. He started off by writing, "my wife and I have a three-week-old baby daughter, our first. Her name is a bit uncommon -- in the general family of Scarlett."

And while we don't learn what the little girl's name actually is, the issue with it becomes quickly apparent.

"My mum, however, cannot pronounce English names without a thick, thick accent," the poster said for context.

"I didn't even think about this until after our baby had been born and we introduced her to my mother, who was completely unable to pronounce her name," he added.

"She was very embarrassed about it, but I promised her I would work with her on being able to say my daughter's name."

But as time passed, the poster's mother still wasn't able to get her tongue around her new granddaughter's name and started to become more and more upset about the situation.

Especially when the poster's mother-in-law started to mock her for being unable to say the name:

"My mum isn't fluent in English, but she knew she was being laughed at. She was extremely embarrassed by it all and hasn't wanted to speak to anybody since," he said.


Finally, the man approached his wife after three weeks and asked her if she would consider changing their daughter's name. But he encountered serious pushback from his wife, who said she would leave him if he continued to ask to change their daughter's name.

"I tried to offer a compromise, saying we could make her current name a middle name, and explaining how important it was to me that my mum could have an active role in our baby's life," he said.

"But she said that if I pushed any further, she would have to push for separation."

Commenters on the post sympathised with the man and agreed that the original poster was not in the wrong.

"This is ridiculous," one commenter said.

"Plenty of kids have nicknames and the baby will not get confused it does not know things yet. Find a cute nickname you like that your mum can say and have her say that."

But not everybody saw his point of view.

"You can't suddenly tell your wife that the name you've both bonded over and chosen since before the little one was born, now needs to be changed just because your mother has a hard time pronouncing it.

"No no no!" one comment read.