My colleague brought her sick kid to work - and I freaked out

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A woman who lost it at her colleague for bringing her sick baby to work has taken to Reddit to ask: "is my behaviour out of line?"

"We have a small office," she notes, adding that it's just four people when her boss is in. "One coworker has three kids, including an infant."

The woman explained that this week, her colleague brought her baby into the office because she was too sick to go to childcare. "Yesterday, it looked like just a cold, but today, I walked into our common area and saw the poor thing fussing, so I asked if she was sick."

The mum admitted that her doctor thought bub might have conjunctivitis and gave her antibiotics.

"When I heard that, I definitely freaked out," the woman continues. "I get sick a lot - not her fault, but I'm still getting over a bad cold from 2 weeks ago. I get sick really easily."

Sharing that she "wasn't polite", she added: "I think I said something like, 'and you brought her here???'

"What else am I supposed to do?" the mum said.

"Work from home?" she responded.

The Redditor added that she immediately went into her office and shut the door. Meanwhile, her colleague grabbed some work and left.


"I feel bad," she writes. "Being a working mum cannot be easy. But I feel like even the chance of spreading conjunctivitis throughout the office is kind of a big deal."

According to the woman, their boss is lenient and allows them to work from home when they need to. "Our boss isn't going to be in at all this week, which is why I think my coworker thinks she can bring her kid in sick."

But was she wrong to say something?

While Redditors overwhelmingly agreed the mum shouldn't have brought her baby to work, most suggested the co-worker could have handled things with a little more tact.

"This seems completely absurd especially if you have the flexibility to work from home," one commenter wrote.

"Your coworker shouldn't have brought a kid with pink eye (very contagious) to work. But you should have handed your objection more professionally instead of acting like you're fighting with a sibling over the last waffle," said another.

"Maybe too harsh, (but that's hard to tell)... " said another. "But generally you're right. If you can work from home, then you should do that in such a scenario."

"You seem like a sweet person, but you sorta dropped the ball here," one commenter said. "Working mums do have it hard, but she shouldn't have brought a contagious kid to work."

In an update, the woman shared she had apologised via text for being a "jerk".

"I do think my concerns are valid, but it was definitely an overreaction on my part that I could have handled more empathetically and professionally," she wrote.