Mums are loving this teething hack - but is it safe?

A mum's hack for her teething bub has gone viral - but is it safe?
A mum's hack for her teething bub has gone viral - but is it safe? Photo: Facebook

Every parent who has been through it knows teething is one of the toughest times of parenting a baby. They're so tiny and in pain, and there is little you can do to ease their suffering. And your suffering too.

But one US mum has come up with a solution that is making the internet clap its hands with glee. Emelia Jackson, who currently has a teething baby herself, shared her teething hack to Facebook, and it's simplicity and effectiveness meant it quickly went viral.

"If your babies are teething, mamas, put water in your [dummy] and then put it in the freezer for a couple of hours," wrote Emilia. "Seriously a life saver for teething mamas. He was so content with his cold [dummy]."

All you need to follow this super easy piece of advice is a dummy you can fill with water. Once you've filled it, put it in the freezer and wait a couple of hours. When it's frozen solid, it's ready to soothe those ouchy gums.

You do need to ensure your dummy doesn't have a hole at the end if you want to ensure your baby won't take in the melted water.

But is this really the best solution for a teething baby?

Maternal and child health nurse Karen Faulkner from Nurture Parenting says the dummy solution is okay if you can get your baby to take it, but perhaps not the best option for all.

"After four months of age, babies develop an extrusion reflex which forces things out of baby's mouth," she says. "The issue with the dummy is that it has to stay in all the time your baby needs it."


Karen suggests a more practical option that can be helpful is to freeze a few wet face washers and use them on rotation for the baby to bite and suck.

"Cold or frozen items will reduce the inflammation temporarily," she says, which will provide some relief.

Karen also says there are many teething aids on the market that can help, but different babies will prefer different products. There is no one magic bullet that will work for everyone.

"You just have to find what works best for YOUR baby," Karen says.