Mum overwhelmed with guilt after accidentally injuring newborn: 'I'm struggling'

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Picture: Getty Images 

Newborns ... they're so tiny and so defenceless that all parents have at some point feared accidently injuring them.

Especially when the sleep deprivation starts to catch up with you and you begin to nod off before the baby is safely nestled in the bassinet.

But what happens if those fears come true? One mum has told how she is being consumed with guilt after accidentally injuring her baby, and was wondering if anybody else had been through something similar.

The new mum explained on Reddit, she dozed off while burping her eight-week-old baby, leaving her bub with a fractured skull.

"I dozed off and baby fell. Fractured that baby skull. Baby's going to be fine, but I checked for all the warning signs of head injury at the time and baby didn't have them," she said.

Continuing to say that when she woke the next morning her baby's head was swollen so she took it to the ER, only to be quickly transferred to another hospital, where she had to explain what happened to a social worker and why she didn't bring her baby to hospital sooner.

"Well, I looked at 'when to worry' and baby didn't show any of those things until that next morning. Now feeling like I shouldn't be trusted with baby because common sense would have said if baby falls off a bed you take baby to ER," she said.

"Anyone have anything remotely similar? I'm struggling with the guilt and welcome any insight. Oh and I'm a new graduate nurse who wants to work in peds (pediatrics) and I sure as s**t wouldn't trust myself with my own baby, so maybe I need to be rethinking my job choices?"

Other mums jumped in to share their own horror stories, ensuring her it was an accident and she was doing her best.


"My four-year-old broke his arm and it broke my heart to see non accidental injury? On their notes. I got over it though as they have only a few hours around kids that end up in hospital for injuries," wrote one mum.

"Their enquires around injuries made me feel bad on a night I was already feeling pretty s**t but for another child they might save their life."

"Since we're all trading horror stories, I'll share mine. I had a baby gate improperly secured and my 18-month-old fell down the stairs onto a hard floor. Had a doozy of a black eye for a week. She was fine. No concussion - or vomiting. Phew. Still the guilt was INTENSE," added another.

Others told her not to focus on the guilt, but what she did right in the situation. 

"Forgive yourself. To lay blame at your own feet for this will compound the problem. Because there is no blame here. Its not your fault bless you. I hope you get through this soon. You deserve to," said one.

"Honey. You are extraordinarily sleep deprived right now. None of us make our best decisions while undergoing severe sleep deprivation. Please try to cut yourself a little slack, and if possible, let your family know that you need some backup to help you get caught up on sleep," another added.