Mum horrified after she discovers her toddler 'cleaning' the toilet - with her toothbrush

Photo: Facebook/Family lowdown tips and tricks
Photo: Facebook/Family lowdown tips and tricks 

Who doesn't love a bit of help cleaning the house?

Although one mum may be a bit apprehensive to ask for her child's assistance after discovering her two-year-old cleaning the toilet - with her toothbrush.

Fortunately, the mum could see the funny side of the situation and uploaded a clip to Facebook of the little boy swirling the pink toothbrush around the bowl while looking very happy with himself.

Her post attracted hundreds of likes and comments, with people laughing at the poor mum's predicament.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook Photo: Family lowdown tips and tricks

"At least you found him doing it, wondering if this is a new trick, or has been done before?" one woman cheekily asked.

 "He looks way too confident..." another mused.

"I feel like this isn't the first time and you've had toilet water in your mouth."

"He looks proud of himself," another woman chimed in. "Trying to help Mummy!!"

"At least he's cleaning," agreed another.