Mum blasted for holding 'naked baby' while making pizzas for customers

Photo: u/swagg_princess_2 / Reddit
Photo: u/swagg_princess_2 / Reddit 

It can be tough for new mothers to earn a crust after having a baby. Making money while a little one is relying on you for around the clock care can require unusual efforts, especially if there is no partner on the scene, or childcare falls through.

A person we can presume is the mother of the child she is holding, has been blasted on Reddit by a customer disgusted by her making a pizza with a 'naked baby' in one arm.

Posting a video to Reddit, the complainant shares a scene from a 'Little Caesar's' pizza store in the US, of the woman preparing food with an infant in one arm. the baby appears to be covered with a towel of some kind.

The caption reads, "Little Caesar's employee making a pizza - Except with no gloves and a naked baby in her arms. Not to mention the baby was crawling on the floor as well. Both sad and awful."

Predictably, commenters went to town on both sides. 

"Makes me feel so bad for the poor mum having to work so soon after birth just to be able to pay bills..."

Another makes the point that the baby is not old enough to crawl yet, to which another responds, "Definitely doesn't look old enough to be making pizza."

There's a lot of sympathy for the hard-working mum.


"Sadly, this video probably got her fired from a job she desperately needed. Great job..."

"On top of being shamed for being a working hustling mom, she might lose her job because of this a#%hole recording her."

"Yeah Reddit's reaction is pretty sad. So many folks only care about themselves and have no concern for what would drive a person to bring a baby to work or hold the child when they also need to make a work."

Food safety experts also weigh in to allay fears about health standards.

"FYI: most pizza places don't wear gloves on pre cooked food. The oven kills any bacteria. Please stop inboxing me that I'm disgusting and spreading diseases. I'm very well versed in food safety and it's standards."

The commenter is backed up by others.

"This is true, I know for a fact Domino's employees aren't required to wear gloves."

"When I was a health inspector we got complaints about this every week. As long as they wash their hands the 550deg oven kills the germs."

The comment thread is full of supportive comments for the mother, though this one wanted to inject a little comedy into the sobering discussion of modern America.

"You guys that IS little Caesar CALM down."

Others didn't appreciate the jokes.

"This is just incredibly sad. Poor kid, I feel so sorry for the mother. All you guys laughing and joking about this? This is pure everyday struggle caught on tape."

One has a parting message for the mum.

"This baby is not more than a few months old judging by the way its head is bobbing around. Kudos to you, mama, for doing what you needed to do to get paid. I'm sorry our country is failing you."

The thread has over 2,600 comments and the OP copping a lot of flack for jeopardising the mother's source of income by filming the scene.

While there are those who stand by and video someone struggling, many others go in to bat for someone doing their best for their children.