Latest TikTok 'challenge' involves spilling water over babies - and it's dividing the internet

Photos: TikTok
Photos: TikTok 

TikTok is a minefield of dances, lip syncs and "challenges", and there's been some pretty crazy trends. But the latest involves babies having water tipped on their head - and it has the internet divided.

The new "challenge" involves "accidentally" spilling water on babies to see their reactions. Mums sing along to the song What You Doing With That before pretending to be startled by something resulting in the water spilling, aiming to get it on or near the baby to see how they act.

There are mixed reactions from the bubs - some look downright annoyed that their day had been interrupted by water being splashed over their heads, while others seemed to loved being doused in water.

"She loves water so she was fine," user Jamie Spiker captioned her video, of her little girl standing up and laughing in response to the water challenge.

Jamie Spiker's little girl loved the challenge

Jamie Spiker's little girl loved the challenge.  Photo: TikTok

"You can tell she is loving it," one user commented, with Spiker confirming her daughter does indeed love water.

Not all babies were excited about the surprise splash of water. "I feel bad for thinking this trend is funny," one user Vi Chan said, after her baby looked like he was going to burst into tears at the end of her video.

"He's like 'oh mummy's giving me water, thanks mom... what stop'," one user commented.

"Hope he got all the cuddles after, haha," said another.


Chan was quick to assure users he definitely got a cuddle and he laughed after the video ended.

"He loves the water," she replied to a comment.

"I'm never doing a TikTok trend again," user Mikayla Matthew captioned her video, "I felt so bad". Her little girl was not impressed with the challenge, her face displaying the unmistakable signs of a baby about to cry after her mum spills the water on her.

However, Matthew's son got revenge for his little sister, turning the tables on the challenge and surprising his mother instead.

"Beckham wanted to try this trend lolol," she captioned the short video, before her son splashes the water on her face.

Mikayla Matthew's son got his revenge

Mikayla Matthew's son got his revenge Photo: Tik Tok

"He gets his revenge," one user observed while another said, "toddlers strike back! Lol".

It's not the first time a trend involving babies has gone viral, at the child's expense- last year parents throwing cheese at their kids did the rounds, again resulting in mixed feelings as the kids generally didn't look too  stoked about the situation.

Last month, the "boob challenge" did the rounds on Tik Tok involving mums showing their breastfed babies their boobs to see how they reacted.

Needless to say, that one had a lot more smiling faces than the current water trend!