Jesinta Franklin reveals ancient method she's using to recover from pregnancy

Photo: Sam Tabone (Getty)
Photo: Sam Tabone (Getty) 

Jesinta Franklin has shared how she's recovering from pregnancy-  and it's not a typical method!

The model, who is married to AFL star Buddy Franklin, explained the ancient stomach binding method she's been trying.

"There are so many changes that take place during pregnancy for a woman," Franklin wrote in a post on her app, titled 'The Traditional Art of Postpartum Belly Binding'.

The 28-year-old, who gave birth to her daughter Tullulah on the February 25 continued her post saying that the visible growth of bellies and breasts are obvious to everyone "yet the internal changes taking place to accommodate the growth of a little human are the ones not commonly spoken about".

"Our abdominal muscles separate, our uterus grows, skin and muscles stretch, our cervix dilates and our hips and pelvis move" she continued in the post "Just to name a few."

The Bengkung Belly Binding practice which originates from Malaysian and Indian traditional healing practices up to 5000 years ago. She was introduced to the practice by her doula, Addison.

Photo: Jesinta Franklin app

Photo: Jesinta Franklin app

Bengkung Belly Binding involves using a 12 to 15-metre-long piece of organic natural cotton muslin, which is then wrapped around the abdomen and ribcage as soon after childbirth and is worn for around 40 days or longer.

"Despite what most people think, your body doesn't automatically go back to how it was prior to falling pregnant," she explained.


She continued, saying it differs, but some women can still "Depending on how you deliver, some look pregnant in the weeks and months following birth. "It takes time for a woman's body to heal and for her organs to return to where they were before baby" she says.

Franklin warned readers that she could tak about her own experience and that the she's not doing it for aesthetics or to get her stomach and waist "back".

"This is purely about supporting my body in the process of healing post-birth" she said, saying she did a lot of work with her physio in the lead up to having the baby, 'to give herself the best chance for an efficient labour and natural birth'.

"It only made sense to put in the same amount of time and care into nurturing and supporting my body in the journey afterwards." She explained.