I'm going to be an instant mum: couple getting custody of toddler the father 'never knew about'

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Photo: Getty Images 

In most circumstances, you have a while to get used to the idea of becoming parent -  about nine months, at least. But one 25-year-old has spoken about not having that luxury.

The woman has found herself about to become an instant mother, after her partner found out he was getting custody of a one-year-old baby boy the couple didn't even know existed.

Taking to Reddit, the woman detailed the lead up to discovering her partner's child.

"Over the last year, a woman has been claiming to have had my partner's child," she said in the post, saying they had tried to get a DNA test, which took a while because they had to get the Child Protection Services and Attorney General involved so the child's mother would cooperate.

"Finally, last week, we were able to get one," she continued in her post. "Well, he's his!! I want to say ours, I'm honestly very excited about the kiddo. I've always been terrified of pregnancy, but I love children."

The woman also added the child was conceived before their relationship began.

"The mother's situation and relationship with CPS have deteriorated so much that they are moving to remove the child from her," she said, before saying they initially thought her partner would have joint custody, but there is now the potential to they will have full custody of the 14-month-old.

"Well, I've never had a child, so young," the woman said. "I've nannied/babysat when I was younger, but we have no idea what all to expect moving forward."

"It's all a bit overwhelming to be honest," she admitted, then asking the users for advice, tips, resources for raising a toddler.


The woman made it very clear she wants to raise the child like her own, even saying that she "honestly never thought she was going to be a birth mother".

"Since I was 12, I remember telling my mum I would eventually adopt or foster" she said, adding that her family is quite traditional and if they don't treat the boy like her own child, she "won't be engaging in a relationship with them".

"I want to help him be the best man he can be," she wrote. "I know we can set up him for success if we do our best."

Reddit users responded to the post quickly, with almost 300 comments in less than 12 hours, with parents passing on their own parental advice and words of encouragement. Although they also warned her it will be a rough transition for everyone involved.

"The fact you're enthusiastic is so cool," one user commented, acknowledging it's going to be "a rough transition".

"He's going to be taken from everything he knows and sees as normal and placed with strangers," they continued, reminding the woman to be "forgiving of him, your partner, and yourself during this transition."