'I'll spare you the details': the photo that proves Jacinda Ardern is like every other working mum

Photos: Instagram/Jacinda Ardern
Photos: Instagram/Jacinda Ardern 

She may be leading a nation of almost five million people through a once in a lifetime global crisis, but Jacinda Ardern still faces the same daily challenges as every other working mum. 

As further proof she is a hands-on mother to toddler Neve, the New Zealand Prime Minister has shared a photo that  parents everywhere will recognise immediately. 

"Why is it only when you are the furtherest you could possibly be from a change of clothes before you notice that you have nappy cream on you?" Ardern wrote in an Instagram post, alongside a photo of the offending white smudge. 

"I'll spare everyone the details."

While the Kiwi leader, whose daughter will turn two next month, didn't elaborate on exactly where she was when she discovered her outfit for the day was ruined, followers appreciated her honesty. 

"Thanks for keeping it real!," one fan wrote.

"It's a Badge of honour for someone that plays queen at home for five million Kiwis.," said another.

It's not the first time Ardern has shared the realities of parenting during COVID-19 isolation. 

Last month, the proud mum shared her daughter's effort at drawing an Easter egg, noting the toddler managed to get creative all over the floor.

"I suggested Neve join the #NZEggHunt Nana decided to go with a vivid for the job.," she wrote. "Neve lost her balance mid drawing so we now have this masterpiece, and a fairly similar one on the carpet."