How to get a baby to clean the house

Jordan Watson with his daughter.
Jordan Watson with his daughter.  Photo: Facebook

The dad who charms the world with his how-to parenting videos has struck again.

In his latest tongue-in-cheek video, Auckland father Jordan Watson tackles a rather useful topic: How to get a baby to clean the house.

As Watson helpfully explains, "They're babies, they'll do anything, so just ask them to do it".

So he does - and gets his wee one to try her hand at everything from washing the dishes to vacuuming.

Watson posts the videos on his Facebook page, How to Dad, which is described as having "DIY parenting advice you'll actually want to listen to."

Watson made his first video - "How to hold a baby" - featuring seven ways to hold a baby, with names for each position ranging from "The Standard Shoulder Hold" to "The Dance Partner", to "The Other Dad's Superman Hold."

He posted the video on his friend's Facebook page that night and awoke to a slew of notifications - it had hit 250,000 views in 10 hours.

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