Help! I have to do the school run with a newborn

The school run can be a juggle.
The school run can be a juggle.  Photo: Shutterstock

The simplest things suddenly become quite tricky when you have a newborn baby.

The logistics of everyday life is hard. You have to learn to get jobs done while also holding a baby. Shopping, working, eating, cleaning and even showering can be a struggle.

One mum, like many before her, is wondering how she will manage the school run with a new baby.

"Second baby due in a couple of weeks, drive to school is about ten mins, then couple of mins walk from parking area," she explained on parenting forum Mumsnet.

"My plan is to just unclick the car seat and carry baby in that, DH (Darling Husband) says it will be too heavy and we need to buy a travel system so I can unclick the car seat and wheel baby into school on buggy."

But she was unsure if that would be the easiest option.

Another woman empathised, saying she would soon be facing the same dilemma. 

"I'm going to have exactly the same situation in a few weeks too," she wrote. "I'm thinking of buying a sling type thing to pop baby in to. I've seen other mums carrying the car seat (way too heavy for me to do that) or just carrying baby. Hopefully someone will have a solution for us both!" 

Other mums didn't disappoint, providing some great solutions.


"Sling for the newborn," one mum said.

"If you end up with a c-section you might struggle to carry the car seat very far. Will your DP (Darling Partner) get paternity leave? He can do the school run or you both go together for the first few weeks then you will know where you stand and can always buy a travel system if you think you will need it," said another.

While this mum had a great suggestion: "Aim to be twenty minutes early. If school starts at 9, leave the house at 8.20. That way no rushing and you have time to unclick and get out the travel system. It just takes time to get into a routine. You'll be fine. You'll need a pram though."

Another mum suggested wearing a baby sling under her coat, to save on time and fussing about: "I bought a Moby wrap. I put it on myself still in the house and popped the baby in when I parked it took less than a minute to put him in and he slept through the walk and still slept when I took him out and put him back in the car seat".

While another mum wished her well: "I love the way so many people make out it's a breeze dealing with tasks like this…if you're not fully recovered from childbirth or baby is a non-sleeping screamer (for instance) it can be really tricky and stressful. Good luck, hope your new addition will be a super chilled one and situations like this won't be too difficult for you!"