Guilty beagle sorry for stealing baby's toy

Charlie tries to cheer the baby up, again and again and again ...
Charlie tries to cheer the baby up, again and again and again ... Photo: YouTube

Some pets react badly when a baby joins the household, getting jealous and wanting nothing to do with the new addition. But not this dog.

Charlie the beagle loves little Laura so much he goes out of way to make it up to her after earlier stealing the baby's toy.

First he brings the squealing baby a tennis ball, then a Play Station controller. When neither of those "gifts" seem to please Laura, her buddy Charlie pulls out her toybox and starts searching for something more suitable.

Eventually he returns the toy he originally took from the baby and the pair are best friends again.

It is not clear where the touching footage was filmed, but it has been watched more than six million times on YouTube since being uploaded last week, and has helped make Charlie a superstar. His personal Facebook page, which chronicles his daily life with "little sister" Laura, has more than 10,000 likers.

"They love and adore each other so much. We are so happy to have both of them. Can't imagine our life without these two little cuties because everyday is very special with them!" Charlie's owners wrote on the Facebook page.