Five ways your relationship with the supermarket changes when you have a baby

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When you become a parent, pretty much every relationship in your life undergoes some kind of change.

Arguably the biggest change is that which occurs between you and your supermarket.

Don't believe us?

Here's a nifty little guide to how your relationship with your supermarket changes…

1. Before being pregnant

Relationship with a supermarket? Say what now?

You clearly have no relationship with your supermarket when you're not a parent.

It is simply a place you go to in order to buy food. The end.

2. When you're newly pregnant


Oh my goodness, has the supermarket always been so nauseating?

You can no longer go past the deli section because all those cheeses and meats make the contents of your stomach want to drift up towards your mouth.

In fact, most of the food now looks unappealing.

As for the thought of having to bring the rest of the food home and turning it into a meal? *shudder*

3. When you're heavily pregnant

Is there a more laborious task than going to the supermarket?

All that lifting, all that pushing of a trolley, all those decisions.

Why don't they install a soft sofa in the shop so you can rest your poor, aching feet during the middle of a trip?

Once you've paid you still have to lug all those bags, get home and then unpack it all.

It's no wonder that, by the time you get home after a shopping trip, you barely have the energy left to order takeaway, let alone consider cooking some of the stuff you just bought.

4. After giving birth – with your baby

It takes a Herculean effort to organise the right time to go to the supermarket - taking into account variables such as when your baby is due for a feed/nap/witching hour.

Once there, you then need to work out how you're going to approach this shopping trip with your baby in tow.

Will you take your baby in her car seat and pop that in the trolley?

Will you push bubs in a pram while carrying a shopping basket?

Will you strap baby to you in some kind of baby carrier while you shop? If so, do you then wake her up if she falls asleep on you when you're done?

Oh, the logistics.

Once you finally get home, you're more tired than if you'd run a marathon.

To think going to the supermarket was once a simple activity you tacked on to the end of a day of work.

5. After giving birth – without your baby

You're going to the supermarket alone.

You couldn't feel more free than if you somehow spouted wings and learned to fly.

It all starts on the way to the supermarket. You get those tingly 'I'm out all by myself' feels.

Once you enter the supermarket you practically soar down those aisles, savouring the precious alone time and ability to actually think about what you need, without having to take into account anything else. You feel like a freaking rock star.

Who knew shopping (for food) could feel so good?

Once you've tasted the bliss that is supermarket shopping on your own, you'll try to achieve that holy grail whenever possible.

In fact, if one of your childless friends ask you if you've been out lately, you'll be tempted to tell them you went to the supermarket on your own last night.

And then you'll chuckle to yourself about how much your relationship with the supermarket has changed.

If only your pre-child self could see you now…