Family shares hilarious shot from newborn photoshoot

Before ...
Before ...  Photo: Abbie Rogers Photography

When you gotta go, you gotta go - although these parents probably wish they'd had a little warning.

An American photographer has captured the less-than-picture-perfect reality of newborn shoots with this image of a baby boy taking an emergency bathroom break to his parents' surprise.

Farren and Jeff Carlson took son Pryor into the studio when he was eight days old, and look the perfect mix of shocked and amused as the spray begins.

And ... oops.
And ... oops.  Photo: Abbie Rogers Photography

"The Carlson family and sweet baby Pryor are the stars of the show," said photographer Abbie Rogers.

However a mid-urination shot is quite common when working with babies, photographer Abbie Rogers said.

"[The babies] are typically naked for a couple of hours during the shoot, only diapered if they're wrapped or wearing a little newborn outfit, so the chances of this happening are pretty great," the 24-year-old said. 

"I do lots of laundry after newborn sessions!"

Rogers, from Indiana, shared the image on her Facebook page where it quickly garnered hundreds of shares.

"I snagged this image about 30 minutes into our shoot... and yes it's very real," said Rogers.


"Shortly after Dad stepped up [to the camera], baby started squirming and he gave us a show... coating my lighting and floor."

However the parents weren't fazed by the call of nature, and "had a good laugh after it was all said and done".

"At the time of the shoot he was less than two weeks old as that's the best time for newborn photos," Rogers said. "I knew it was funny but it's just the reality of what happens during a newborn session.

"I just dab it up with paper towels and baby wipes and keep the session going."