Everything that's awful about parenting summed up in one 40 second video

How could something so awful come from this gorgeous little girl?
How could something so awful come from this gorgeous little girl?  Photo: Facebook/Jarret Kramer

It's happened to all of us at some point: we called it the poosplosion in our house. It's the poo that would not be contained. The poo that was destined to make itself known and always be remembered.

When Jarret Kramer was driving his baby girl Carson to swimming lessons, he smelled a "bad poo", but figured he'd just take care of it when they got there. Oblivious to the carnage in the back seat of his car, Jarret kept driving.

Huge mistake, Jarret.

Because when they get to swimming, they realise nobody is going swimming today.

Tiny, cute, innocent-looking Carson has done the most epic poo, which has escaped from her nappy – possibly partly on its own, but it has undoubtedly been helped by Carson and her chubby little fist, which is covered in poo, and may or may not have been carrying poo to her mouth for a quick car brunch.

Carson's mum Becky, ever the optimist, suggests they go to their friend's house nearby. "Can we go to their house where they have wipes?"

Becky, you are going to need more than wipes to clean up this poo-nado.

Mum and Dad quickly realise one of them is going to have the job of sitting in the back seat while they drive to stop Carson going back for a second course.


Becky tries it on first, "Listen, you're going to sit back here, dude."

But Jarret isn't having a bar of it. "I'm not sitting back here, you are. I'm driving!"

Jarret shared the video on Facebook, where people were equally amused and horrified.

"We've lived through this so many times!" said one.

"That's disgusting, why would you want to film that?" asked another commenter, echoing the thoughts of many.

One mum had a more extreme solution: "At this point you're going to want to throw the baby out with the car seat."