Dad turns baby into a real-life leprechaun

Painting the house green.
Painting the house green. Photo:

Just a few months ago he was busy being a baby Elf on the Shelf. Now six-month-old Rockwell Lawrence has St Patrick's Day in his sights - well, his dad does anyway.

US dad Alan Lawrence has been dressing up his son as a real-life leprechaun over the past week, creating pictures of the youngster getting up to all sorts of mischief.

Making an entrance.
Making an entrance. Photo:

The pics, which have been posted on Alan's blog That Dad Blog, are not the first ones of little Rockwell to go viral after his stint as Elf on the Shelf last Christmas.

"Our family, we get kind of excited about holidays," Alan told US ABC News. "I've always been a sucker for the magic behind different things related to them, whether it's the leprechaun or the Easter bunny. It's just kind of fun."

"I came from a big family and my wife did as well so ... we just want to celebrate the fun you can have with big families. It's not fun always for sure - it takes a lot of patience - but we enjoy it."

Alan, a father of six, also grabbed people's attention last year when he shared pictures of his toddler son Wil, who has Down syndrome, appearing to fly through the air.

The images were compiled into a calendar to raise funds for Down syndrome foundations.

"Basically, we want to flood the internet with this good message," Alan told ABC News at the time. "I want to give other people new to this journey messages of joy and hope." 


As for baby Rockwell, he apparently enjoys joining in the fun and loves being in front of the camera.

There was just one problem with the leprechaun outfit - the orange beard and baby drool did not work well together.

"He drools a lot because he's started to teethe, but I think that was the most frustrating thing for him because [the beard would] get in his mouth," Allan told ABC