Dad takes miraculous catch while feeding baby

All in a day's work: dad Keith takes the catch.
All in a day's work: dad Keith takes the catch. Photo: Comcast Sports Network

One American father has taken multitasking to a new level at a Cubs-Dodgers baseball game at Wrigley Field.

As a foul ball came flying into the stands, Cubs fan Keith, holding his baby in one hand, casually reached up and nabbed the ball one-handed, robbing Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez of the catch.

Not only was the extremely coordinated dad holding baby Isaac - he was also feeding him. And it seems he didn't spill a drop.

A visibly bemused Gonzalez, who looked set to take the catch himself had Keith not almost literally stolen the ball from out of his glove, need not have worried.

The batter, Cub Jason Hammel, was called out due to fan interference. But the Chicago crowd didn't seem to mind too much, apparently more impressed with the catch than disappointed with the call.

The Dodgers approved, too.

Keith was interviewed in the stands by broadcaster Comcast Sports Network about his handy catch.

"It's tough to battle the elements out here, and I don't even have my flip-up shades," he joked.


He caused a big reaction on Twitter and his phone was blowing up with messages.

Keith said he had been mainly concerned with protecting his son - with seats so close to the field, he said, he knew a ball could come up on his family pretty quickly.

Luckily his reaction time and hand-eye coordination skills were second to none.

With Americans recently celebrating Fathers Day, this can only be called excellent timing.