Dad includes young sons in adorable family workouts

 Photo: YouTube

Brent Kruithof was determined not to give up exercise when he became a father.

So with that in mind, the super fit US dad includes his two young sons in his workouts - and the result is an adorable family fitness session which is fun for everyone.

The latest video of a Kruithof family exercise session shows Brent with his toddler son planking alongside him while the baby is strapped to his back. 

Train your kids to have healthy habits with a FAMILY workout at home!

Posted by FLYUP FITNESS on Monday, March 14, 2016

Brent, who founded FLYUP Fitness, said he loves spending time with his boys while also staying fit. 

"My favourite part about working out with my family is that exercising doesn't pull me away from [them]," Brent told Popsugar.

"Exercising can be something that people dread all day long, but when I'm having fun with my family, it's never something I dread." 

Brent's latest family exercise clip has been viewed more than 20 million times since he posted it on Facebook last month.