Cheeseburger smash critics rebuffed in the most adorable way

Liam discovered a great love of pickles on his cheeseburger photo shoot.
Liam discovered a great love of pickles on his cheeseburger photo shoot. Photo: Laura Stennett Photography

In a world where baby cake smashes, donut and even taco smashes are now common, it seems nothing is as divisive as cheeseburgers from Maccas.

These photos show an adorable, healthy baby boy with shining bright blue eyes and a retro quiff to die for. His robust appearance belies that fact that he and his twin sister had a tough start to life.

When Alaskan mum Lauren Ashcraft gave birth to twins Liam and Lola in November last year, they both had low birth weights. Their photographer Laura Stennett told Essential Baby that they were four weeks premature, with Liam weighing 2.27 kg and Lola a teeny tiny 1.8 kg.

Photo: Laura Stennett Photography
Photo: Laura Stennett Photography 

For babies so small, every kilo is a huge milestone and when Liam could finally sit up by himself at eight months, his mum arranged a celebratory photo shoot to honour just how far he had come.

But after posting the adorable snaps on Laura's Facebook page, the sanctimonious comments started.

Of course, Liam had never even seen a cheeseburger before, much less sampled one.

Laura explains, "They were criticising Lauren (his mum) for feeding him McDonalds, and saying that he was going to get cancer and that the shoot was promoting childhood obesity. Some of the more cruel commenters said even worse things that I don't care to repeat.

"Obviously neither of us would feed an 8-month-old baby a cheeseburger; he can't even chew it up. They were props. Much like a giant cake is a prop for a cake smash photo shoot that has become so popular to do for one-year-olds," notes Laura.


"He loved the pickles and he licked and gnawed on the burger, but it was his first time even being presented with a cheeseburger. He wasn't sure what to do with them."

With Liam's twin sister Lola due her own special photo shoot, Laura and Lauren came up with the perfect plan to stick it to the critics. Here she is with a bevy of vegetables.

Laura says of the experience, "It was pretty disappointing, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive for the most part. Most people understand that it's silly and a joke we did for fun."

"He's such a healthy and chubby little guy now, and he started out so tiny! We did the veggie smash for his twin sister as a response to the judgmental people."

It's possibly the cutest take down we've seen, and cruelty-free to boot.