'When babies attack': Mum learns the painful truth about teething

Mum Ashey Harman was left crying out in pain when baby Khalid attacked.
Mum Ashey Harman was left crying out in pain when baby Khalid attacked. 

It's no secret babies will chew on almost anything in sight when teething strikes. 

And as mums who have breastfed know all too well, a baby's latch isn't always painless - teeth or no teeth. But one baby in the US has gone viral after trying out his emerging chompers on his own mum's lip. 

In a viral video "When babies attack!!!" posted on TikTok, mum Ashely Harman can be seen holding and playing with her son Khalid. But while it starts innocently enough, the five month old soon stops to focus on her lip before grabbing her chin and pouncing. 

The boy latches on to her bottom lip with an impressive grip as his mum tries to manoeuvre away, while half laughing, half crying out in pain.

Refusing to let go, it takes several agonising seconds before she is able to break free. 

The woman's relatives can be heard in the background exclaiming their shock, saying "you knew when he grabbed her face he was going to get her!" and "what in the world?!". 

When his mum finally breaks free and sits stunned, baby Khalid - who the family call Pooda, is unphased, looking almost serene. 

The video, taken by Khalid's grandmother Kelley Harris has gone viral since being uploaded to her @itsmekellz TikTok account, with many viewers nicknaming the gorgeous bub 'Baby Shark'


Harris spoke with Cafe Mom to explain he was fascinated by his mum's lips. 

"Khalid was a premature baby weighing only 5 pounds at birth," she says. "I have spent the last five months trying to fatten him up."

And it seems he's a very enthusiastic eater. 

"This was the first time he has ever latched onto anything!" she told the site. 

"There is something about his mum's lips. He is fascinated with them. He doesn't do that to anyone but her," she continued, "He is a special child."

The family put the action down to teething, when babies often put things in their mouth and chew to relieve the pressure in their gums. 

Though hopefully for Ashley's sake, Khalid opts for a teething ring or cool wash cloth next time.