'As soon as I saw the ultrasound I knew she was a stunner': meet the baby beauty queen

'I knew she was a stunner when I saw the ultrasound image': Amanda Collins' daughter Luna.
'I knew she was a stunner when I saw the ultrasound image': Amanda Collins' daughter Luna. 

Excited parents-to-be go to pregnancy ultrasounds hoping to see a healthy, growing baby.

But Amanda Collins had no doubt what she saw on the screen when she went for a scan at 20 weeks pregnant - a future beauty queen who would be born catwalk ready.

So what did the excited first-time mum do? She entered her unborn baby into a beauty pageant, of course.

Amanda Collins and her pageant queen daughter, Luna.
Amanda Collins and her pageant queen daughter, Luna. 

"As soon as I saw her image on the screen at my antenatal session I knew she was a stunner. I always knew that I was carrying a girl, and a beautiful one at that," 28-year-old Ms Collins told UK's MailOnline.

Some (read: most) people probably think entering a baby in a contest based on their looks before they are even born is a questionable parenting choice.

However, as far as Ms Collins is concerned, her decision make baby Luna the UK's youngest ever beauty pageant entrant paid off. 

The newborn was awarded second place in the UK Princess and Prince International Beauty Pageant, a competition which accepts entrants from birth to 18 years of age, when she was just six weeks old.

When she was just 10 weeks old she was awarded second place in the Miss Dreams UK contest.

Ms Collins, a former soldier from the Scottish town of Irvine, is overjoyed by her daughter's success. She told UK's Daily Record newspaper she spent her pregnancy picking out pageant dresses, rather than stocking up on onesies, in preparation for the baby's catwalk appearances.


"Not many mums would enter their baby in a contest while she was still in the womb but I knew I was having a girl and thought why not? I posted a picture of my scan with my application form and was delighted when it was accepted," she said.

"Even before Luna was born I was picking out cute little pageant dresses. Her wardrobe is almost bigger than mine now.

"She was six weeks old when she took part in her first pageant and was a huge hit with the judges. She wore a really pretty white dress and head band, she even smiled for the judges."

Despite criticism from some that her daughter is too young to be taking part in a contest of beauty, Ms Collins is adamant she has her daughter's best interests at heart.

While most other babies Luna's age are happy to spend their time discovering their fingers and toes, Ms Collins says Luna is happiest on the catwalk. 

"I didn't put any make-up on Luna because she is too young for that, so she was natural. It only cost £10 to enter but I've spent quite a bit more on her beautiful little outfits," Ms Collins said.

"She didn't have to do a talent or show confidence because she can't walk or talk so I think it was judged on cuteness."

Ms Collins admits the hit US show Toddlers & Tiaras inspired her to involve her daughter in the pageant world before she was even born. She plans to enter Luna in more competitions in the coming years as a way to build the little girl's confidence.

"I'd never really thought about beauty contests before and after watching the show decided it was something I wanted to get involved in," Ms Collins told Daily Record.

"Luna is such a beautiful little baby and I'm very proud to show her off. I got some great advice from some of the more experienced pageant mums and they advised the best outfits to buy for Luna and gave me some tips for when she gets a bit older.

"I've made some lovely friends taking part and it's not as ridiculous as some people might think."