5 unexpected times you will consider having another child

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Image: Shutterstock  

Have you decided your baby-making days are over? Have you sold the cot and pram and handed down all the baby clothes?

As your memories of morning sickness, sleepless nights, nappy explosions and the constant dependence of a tiny human begin to fade, the overwhelming desire to go back and do it all again may come as a shock.

Even if you think you're sure about the number of children that complete your family, you might seriously consider adding one more to your tribe when faced with these five moments.

1. When someone close to you is pregnant or has a baby

Seeing another pregnant mum can bring back wonderful memories of all that anticipation and joy about meeting your child for the first time. Likewise, there is nothing like a cuddle with a newborn to lead you back to to all those beautiful moments of snuggling with your own sleepy baby while you relaxed with a book or watched TV. And who could forget that sweet, intoxicating scent of a newborn head? 

Your mothering instinct has the ability to suppress all recollection of the tough times - the morning sickness, sleep deprivation and the endless laundry piles -  and unexpectedly you begin to think your family may not be complete just yet.

2. The end of breastfeeding

Weaning off breastfeeding can be liberating. You no longer have a child demanding nutrients from your body and you can now return to your pre-pregnancy and pre-nursing wardrobe. Hurrah!

Regardless of whether you or your child takes the lead, the end of breastfeeding can be bittersweet, as you no longer have that special bonding time with your child and you may feel less needed.

These feelings are totally normal, but you might contemplate the idea of having another child, even if you were adamant that your last child was indeed your last!

3. Your child's first birthday

Celebrating your child's first birthday and the fact you kept a tiny human alive for a whole year is a momentous milestone. It also marks the end of the baby period as your child becomes a toddler. Packing up the outgrown onesies, soft baby toys and baby rockers/swings to pass onto another family will certainly free up some space in your house, but parting ways with these items concretes the idea that the baby period is done and dusted for your family.


As you watch the baby items leave your house, don't be surprised if you secretly stash away a couple of onesies. You tell yourself they are being kept as mementos, but subconsciously it is a sure sign you are reconsidering expanding your family again.

4. Once your child is toilet trained

Farewelling nappies is an exciting and liberating time for parents and littlies alike. You no longer have to lug around bulky packs of disposable nappies at the shops or keep up with the mountain of washing if using reusable nappies - not to mention all that money you will save.

Your darling child now picks out their favourite Paw Patrol or Disney underwear each morning, and before long they don't need your help when going to the bathroom.

As you observe your child do more and more things without your assistance, there is a niggling thought that maybe you are not done with nappies and that 'just one more' will complete your brood.

5. Your child starts school

Starting school is the beginning of a new chapter for your child and your family. Their world will begin to broaden with new learning, after-school activities and making new friends.

Reminiscing about the days when your child thought you knew everything (because they will undoubtedly start to question your knowledge now they are at school) will lead you to think it is now or never to expand your family to include one more.