2020's toddler superhero: one-year-old Sammy from Alice Springs

Kyah Walker and Sammy.
Kyah Walker and Sammy. Photo: Instagram (baby.samsam)

When Kyah Walker posted an adorable photo of her one-year-old daughter Sammy on Instagram last month, she had no idea the reaction that would follow.

"At the time I was celebrating 1,000 followers and expressing how grateful I was for them," Ms Walker, from Alice Springs, told Essential Baby. "I didn't think her followers would actually share her pictures with their audiences."

But they did and now, just three weeks later, the Baby Sam Sam Instagram account has more than 40,000 followers from around the world.

The "power pose" photo shows little Sammy-Lee Armstrong staring down the camera confidently with her firsts clenched like a superhero, set against the iconic Northern Territory landscape of red dirt and blue skies.

"Ready to fight crime," the proud mum captioned the photo. "She was definitely camera ready."

The image was shared by thousands of people, who fell in love with the fierce attitude of the toddler, who is part of the Warlpiri, Pertame and Pitjantjatjara mob in Alice Springs.

Many people saw the picture of the spirited toddler as a symbol of hope, particularly during the month of protests and activism amid the Black Lives Matter movement in Australia.

"I wanted to capture her beauty, I wanted to show the world my first-born child," Ms Walker said of sharing the pictures of her daughter.


"So, I started capturing our adventures in the outback, or just simply at home with family and friends."

Since the "power pose" photo was shared, Ms Walker said she's been overwhelmed at the "non-stop love" she's received from people around the world.

"They've all been supporting her, sending me kind, uplifting messages every day," she said. Many people have messaged Ms Walker to say Sammy's picture bought joy to them during these hard times.


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"They've said it brings them strength, seeing her stand strong with power," she continued.

"They've definitely reacted in a loving and supporting way."

The photo was also posted to the ABC Indigenous' Facebook post, where it has thousands of likes and comments.

"She is gorgeous" a Facebook user commented. "I love it, so much sass for a baby."

"Gorgeous photo, she already has the pose and attitude of a woman of strength," said another. "Good work Mumma raising such an amazing daughter."


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Ms Walker says raising an independent daughter involves teaching her every day about "good and bad things is this world" and telling her how much she is loved.

"Telling your children [that] they're loved and they're strong and showing them, nothing can defeat them," she says on raising a daughter in 2020.

"Setting an example for young girls (is also important), showing them how to take on the world like a strong independent woman."