21 signs that you're getting the hang of this mum thing

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock 

There's nothing scarier than bringing your newborn baby home from hospital.

When I did just that almost five months ago, I was terrified. Me, a parent? But I have no clue! I wanted to have a midwife come running with the press of a buzzer forever. I couldn't imagine ever being capable of looking after the tiny, squirming and mysterious bundle in the cot beside me.

But as the days, weeks and months went by, I began to realise that I wasn't so anxious and afraid.

Here are 21 signs that you're getting the hang of this mum thing. If even only a couple apply to you, it means you're getting there – and that's a cause for celebration.

1.     You stop feeling scared of dropping your slippery little newborn with a wobbly head. Instead you start to handle your bub like a pro, with moves a footballer would envy.

2.     When you meet someone new, you remember to introduce yourself and not just your baby.

3.     When you glance in the rear-view mirror, you're not surprised to see a baby in the backseat.

Tired, happy and afraid.
'Tired, happy and afraid'. Photo: Jessica Mudditt

4.     You can get your pram out of your boot and clicked into position like a ninja in less than ten seconds.


5.     You stop waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat shouting, "I forgot to bring the baby home!"

6.     You don't forget to restock the nappy bag before going out.

7.     An appointment is scheduled for a random time and instead of freaking out, you think it will be possible to be there on time.

8.     You still read some of the posts on your birth club, but without the same urgency of desperately looking for answers.

9.     You realise there is conflicting advice about everything to do with babies and learn to trust your own instincts.

10.  You start calling your partner 'Daddy' and it feels natural.

11.  You have matched your outfit with your bub's at least once – deliberately.

12.  When someone in a store calls out 'Hi Mum! What can I help you with?' you realise they could be talking to you.

13.  You meet a mum with a baby newer to the world than yours and can give her advice.

14.  You can run a bath at 36 degrees without even needing the aid of a thermometer (you just use it to double check).

15.  Your baby cries in public and you don't break out in a sweat and apologise to everyone in earshot.

Photo: Jessica Mudditt and her daughter, Supplied
'We're getting the hang of this'. Photo: Jessica Mudditt 

16.  You see a pregnant woman on the street and feel nostalgic and wonder if she knows what she's in for.

17.  You realise that five hours of sleep is pretty decent.

18.  You know which cafes in a 10-kilometre radius of your home are pram-friendly.

19.  You know your bub is about to poo before she does.

20.  You learn that it is totally okay to have some me-time.

21.  You contemplate getting a babysitter so you can go on a date night and then freak out, because no one knows your baby better than you do.