EB picks: Toys for your 6-12 month old

As your baby transitions to a toddler, he will be enjoying toys which stimulate his desire to move and communicate. Here are a few suggestions.

Stacking,  sorting and nesting
Now that your baby can grasp objects, she will start to enjoy stacking rings or blocks, manipulating objects in a shape sorter in a shape sorter or nesting cups or containers into larger vessels. These activities all help your baby’s eye and brain development.

Safe spinning and jumping
Keep baby entertained while you catch up on household chores (or a cup of tea!) by utilising a jumper or exersaucer. Some devices hang from a door frame enabling a baby to develop back and neck strength by jumping. Exersaucers provide some back support while enabling babies to swivel and bounce while playing with toys. Such devices should never be used for long periods of time while your baby is still developing muscle strength and you should supervise your baby at all times.

Jumping, sitting, crawling and walking
While babies are much more manageable when non-mobile, it is always very exciting when they start to explore their environment by crawling or walking.

Sit-on walkers are no-longer recommended but you can encourage your infant to move with balls, cars or other toys which roll across the room, prompting her to follow. A push-along wagon will provide support as she takes her first steps.

Toothy teethers
The eruption of your child’s first tooth at around 6 months co-incides with his desire to suck and chew on objects. Silicone ring teethers or soft rubber toys will help your baby self-soothe when teething.

Encourage interest in books from a young age with infant-proof books made from hard cardboard, fabric or waterproof PVC. Some books for this age group feature exciting textures, reflective surfaces and squeakers to touch and explore.