Amazing video: baby takes first steps just after birth

 Photo: Getty Images

A newborn  girl has impressed hospital staff by taking her first steps on the day she was born. Not one to relax after the considerable ordeal of birth, the unnamed Brazilian baby seems like she has somewhere important to go.

The video shows a nurse supporting the baby with one arm, while the baby takes step after tiny step.

Other staff filmed the incident, and although they are speaking Portuguese, it's clear they think this baby is pretty special. The rest of the world seems to be impressed too, with the video clip being viewed more then 83 million times since it was posted on Facebook last week.

Although this baby seems advanced, the stepping reflex is something most babies are born with, it's just that we don't often test it out. But a healthy baby should put one foot in front of the other if held over a flat surface, although they cannot actually support their own weight.

The stepping reflex disappears around six weeks of age, due to an increased ratio of leg weight to strength.