Having a new baby, particularly your first, is one of the most exciting events of your life, but at times it can also feel like one of the most frightening.



A cry can mean many things and learning to understand what each one indicates can help you understand your baby's needs.

The latest advice on starting solids

First meal

Introducing food to a baby’s diet is one of the biggest milestone of the first six months. But when should you start, and what can you give your child to eat? We look at the latest advice on starting solids.

Child nutrition – fact or fiction?

Baby with apple

EB staff writers We put six common beliefs to the test.

Baby bath activities


Brooke Wells Bath time doesn’t have to be structured play – as long as it’s safe, you should encourage any bath activities that make bath time a fun experience for your child. Just be prepared to get splashed!

Your baby's first bath


EB staff writers There's a lot to consider when it comes to bathing your new baby, but there are some general rules for making the experience a pleasure for everyone.

Baby first aid


Little Aid Congratulations on your new little bundle! No doubt you’ve had the roller-coaster of euphoria, fear, joy, fear, contentment, fear, happiness and ... “Jeez this is just too much!”

Parenting support: where to get help


A helpful guide to contact information if you are looking for help, support or assistance.

Crash testing new parenthood

crash test

Letitia Rowlands The new documentary series Crash Test Mummies & Daddies takes a fly-on-the-wall look at the first months of life with a newborn.

To the pharmacist who sold me baby formula


KAREN ANDREWS On the rare occasion I catch sight of you at school, or around town, I think back to our earliest exchange. I’m sure you have no recollection of it at all.

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The fake science of a baby


Moata Tamaira Every day as a baby is a day for trying out new things and exploring the world. And as a new parent you spend just as much time trying to figure out how that baby works.

Donor milk still taboo in most Australian hospitals

milk donor

Stacey Gladman Some Australian mums are being made to feel like criminals in hospitals around the country. Their crime? Smuggling in donor breast milk to feed their children.


When newborn baby shoots go wrong


Andrea Romano As the classic book says, everyone poops. But not everyone has such exquisite timing as Al Ferguson's newborn son, Ted.

Home alone with a newborn

new baby

Ariane Beeston It’s my husband’s first day back at work after paternity leave and my first full day alone with our baby. I have nowhere to be and everything to do.

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6 tips for a day out with a baby and toddler


Kiran Chug Outings can be lots of fun with the kids, but there are inevitable challenges. Here's some information about days out to help you be a little more prepared.


My four months of breastfeeding madness

sad mum baby

Jessica D'Ath You imagine that everyone is thinking badly of you, and you tell yourself you have to keep trying. Even though you are in an impossible situation, you still won't give yourself a break.

My friend made me vaccinate before I could meet her baby

baby mum

SONJA EBBELS The request to get booster shots before coming near a newborn is becoming more common, but it certainly gave me something to think about.

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Do you suffer from Precious Firstborn Syndrome?


CATHERINE RODIE Testing ‘no more tears’ shampoo in your own eyes, warming cucumber sticks so they're not cold straight from the fridge, waking a sleeping baby to check they’re still breathing: these are all symptoms of Precious Firstborn Syndrome.

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Baby health clinics celebrate 100th birthday

Parenting evolved in life of baby clinics: Nurse Jenni Jones with 8 month old Ethan his mum Sharlene Pasqual.

Harriet Alexander They have helped the sleep deprived parents of 7.4 million newborn babies, but has the work of NSW baby clinics changed since the first one opened a century ago?


Identical triplets have toenails painted to tell them apart


Bill Gardner These baby triplet girls are so identical that their parents can only tell them apart by colour coding their toenails.

Shifting focus: seeing our babies from another perspective

tree mum

Sarah Wayland We often find that by living by ‘shoulds’ we set ourselves up to fail. So how can learning more about our children’s developmental stages change the way we approach parenting?


The cheat's guide to raising kids

mum baby

RICHARD GLOVER The government might be willing to pay for childcare from qualified people, so why shouldn't parents themselves be eligible? Here's a quick outline of a suggested syllabus.

"Forgotten baby syndrome" mum found not guilty of daughter's manslaughter

Jayde Poole

MARK RUSSELL Jayde Pool's five-month-old daughter Bella died after being left in car on a hot summer's day. Yesterday a jury found the Victorian mum not criminally negligent for the little girl's death.

21 things I love about newborns

new baby

MICHAELA FOX There’s an irresistible magic about newborns. Of course they're not all smiles and rainbows, but they are undeniably cute and remarkable in so, so many ways.


Share the little things that make you smile


We're giving away a Mountain Buggy nano, the ultimate travel stroller.

Yumi Stynes: Having a baby after a 10-year break


After a long break, Yumi Stynes gets a reminder of the pain - and the pleasure - of giving birth.

My baby is hypermobile


KIRAN CHUG For months, I have been telling myself not to worry that Jasmin isn't crawling or walking. This week I heard the term hypermobile for the first time.

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The 15 photos new parents share (and five they don't)

photo baby

Ariane Beeston From the first scan photo to the baby covered in cake at their first birthday party, there are 15 photos most parents seem to share - and some they don't.

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When you don’t bond with your baby

baby bond

CATHERINE RODIE They say that there is no bond greater than the bond between a mother and her child. But for some women, the mother-baby bond takes more time and effort to develop.

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Parenting a crier

crying baby

Carolyn Tate There are many reasons that babies cry, but there are certainly babies that cry more than others. They're the ones who let you know how they’re feeling by crying - a lot.

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The carers who calm babies born with drug addictions

Sandra Gilbert

Kate Hagan A special team of volunteers helps newborn babies who have withdrawal symptoms due to their mothers’ opiate use.

When your baby is in jail

nicu mum

Moata Tamaira Having your kid in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a very strange experience. It's kind of like they're in jail, except you have no idea when they'll be eligible for parole.

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As a guilty mum: spending money on memories

Kate Browne When it comes to making memories, a baby is a big deal. But like so many things to do with babies these days, ‘making memories’ has become an industry.

Dealing with baby name regret

CATHERINE RODIE What happens when parents have a change of heart about the name they’ve chosen for their baby? Parents describe what they've done after realising their baby's name wasn't quite right.

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Parents face charges after baby's solo parasailing flight


Melanie Mahoney A couple who sent their 11-month-old daughter on a solo parasailing flight are being investigated on child abuse charges.

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Having a routine versus having a life

Mother and baby, cot

DANIELLE COLLEY Whilst comfort can be found in routine, the restriction of scheduling does not work for everyone. Which is best for your family?


Video: Men catch baby who fell from second storey window


Watch the dramatic footage of two men catching a young child after he fell from a second storey window.

Video: Did this baby really say 'I love you'?

i love you baby

Melanie Mahoney It's the video that's dividing audiences around the world: did this baby really say ‘I love you’?

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'Miracle baby' survives 11-storey fall from balcony


Melanie Mahoney A toddler who survived an 11-storey fall has been dubbed "the miracle baby".


Parents admit to lying about the early days of parenthood

new dad

Although most parents are guilty of fudging the truth about parenting, a new survey shows that the vast majority of mums and dads would love it if other people were honest about the challenges of becoming a new parent.

A sad farewell to the baby toys

toy baby

KIRAN CHUG No matter how much my kids loved some of their first toys, they've outgrown them. So it's time to give them away - and that makes me really sad.

Here's to all the real mums

kiss toddler mum

Suzy Freeman-Greene Here's to the mums whose babies puke on them, instead of glowing cutely from pristine pink dressing gowns. They favour trackie daks over silk kimonos, maybe with a cloth flung across a shoulder to catch the vomit.


Dad takes newborn to soccer game on way home from hospital


Melanie Mahoney It’s never too early to try to get your kids interested in sport – at least, that’s the thinking of one soccer-mad dad.

What not to worry about as a new parent

happy baby

Louise Wedgwood As a first-time parent, it's hard to know what's worth worrying about and what's not, and many of us err on the side of worrying about it all. Here are a handful of specific ways you can give more energy to enjoying your child and less to wondering what you'd score on the Good Parent exam.

Is this the world's most expensive daycare?

baby blocks

Forget finger painting and play dough - the curriculum at this New York daycare centre includes maths, science and literature, all for an exorbitant annual fee.

Video: Don't even try to reason with a baby


Andrea Romano Despite not knowing actual words yet, it looks like the little tyke is winning this argument.

Weaning a toddler off a dummy: a 15-day plan


Nicole Villalpando Weaning your child off the dummy can be a traumatic experience for both of you. Here are some tips to help you through.

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Siblings and best of friends

milin jasmin

KIRAN CHUG I know we'll have some tense moments. I know there will be arguments. But I also know these two will always have this most beautiful bond.

Arion and Peleh take out Bonds title

arion peleh

Melanie Mahoney Like most mums, Louise Schmuelly always thought her babies were adorable. This week, the Bonds Baby Search judges agreed with her.

'Babysuiting' is the next big thing

baby suiting

Mashable The premise is simple: put your baby in a suit, laugh at how squishy her face is, wait for her to become a CEO.

Parents confused about baby sling safety: survey

baby sling

COSIMA MARRINER One in 20 babies has been injured or narrowly escaped injury in a baby sling as their parents are confused over safe positioning, a survey has found.

Woolworths worker to mum: 'You should be breastfeeding'


Melanie Mahoney A mum of three was left upset and disappointed after a senior supermarket staff member told her that she shouldn't be giving her baby formula.

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A guide to choosing godparents


JO HARTLEY Choosing your child's godparents (or mentors, guide-parents or guardians) can be a tricky decision. Parents and an expert offer advice and their stories on how they picked the people best suited to the role.

Mother knows best ... or does she?

grandmother baby

JO HARTLEY There’s an age old saying that claims ‘mother knows best’, but is it the case when it comes to our own parenting skills? Do we turn to our own mums for advice, or does the wealth of information available to us in today’s society override this need?


Baby wipes likely cause for rise in skin problems


BRIDIE SMITH Dermatologists are reporting an increase in parents presenting with problems linked to using disposable baby wipes.

The race to save kidnapped baby Kayden Powell

Kayden Powell, who was found in a bin during freezing weather.

David A. Fahrenthold A newborn baby had been kidnapped, allegedly by his aunt - later, police found the aunt, but she didn't have the baby. What came next was a hurried search - and an amazing find.

Tougher new laws for genital mutilation in NSW

NSW State Parliament Minister for Family and Community Services, Pru Goward, during question time.
18th September 2013
Photo: Wolter Peeters
The Sydney Morning Herald

ANNA PATTY Penalties for performing female genital mutilation will increase from seven to 21 years' jail, and it will also be a crime to have the procedure done overseas.

You don't need a label to raise a child

attachment parenting

KIRAN CHUG I carry my baby often, but I am not an attachment parent. I plan to make sure my children do their homework before they go out to play, but I am not a tiger mum.


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Feeding your Baby

From first milk to first solids and beyond


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Baby Growth Chart

Check your baby's length and weight for their age against the World Health Organization's standard growth charts for children aged 0-3 years.

Photo Galleries

How to swaddle your baby

Step by step instructions to swaddle your baby. Swaddling helps baby sleep by preventing the startle reflex. It also aids in keeping baby sleeping on their back. Images provided by aden + anais wraps.

Sleeping Beauties

Enjoy these beautiful images from new coffee-table photography book, Sleeping Beauties: Newborns in Dreamland, out now by Sellers Publishing.

Special offer: The Baby & Toddler Show 2014

At The Baby & Toddler Show, you’ll find everything you need to get ready for your new arrival and guide you through the early weeks and years of parenting.

The words I hated hearing as new mum

It was less than a week after my son was born that I first heard it - from my mother.

To the pharmacist who sold me baby formula

On the rare occasion I catch sight of you at school, or around town, I think back to our earliest exchange. I’m sure you have no recollection of it at all.

Babies may benefit from autism therapy

Children showing signs of autism don't usually receive early intervention until well into toddlerhood or later, but a new study suggests infants with symptoms of the developmental disorder might benefit from therapy from as early as six months.

Knatalye and Adeline born with an everlasting bond

Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith are a lot like any other identical twin girls, but there is one dramatic difference: they're joined at the chest and shares several internal organs.

The question this dad wishes he'd asked his wife

I should have seen that my wife wasn't the same person I'd fallen in love with, but we were both too focused on simply trying to get by.

Why we should talk about the deaths of the Hunt children

The deaths are too horrible even to think about. Yet we owe it to the children - Fletcher, Mia and Phoebe Hunt - to think long and hard about it all.

Baby dies of meningococcal weeks after vaccine application denied

A six-month-old girl has died from meningococcal disease just weeks after an application for government funding of a vaccine for the most deadly strain of the virus was rejected.

Finding the right balance when playing with your kids

Being too involved in our children’s play and not allowing our kids enough free time for unstructured activities can mean our kids miss out on the value that play offers.

Creative DIY light shades

The Pop Light light shade comes in a flat pack already made - it's up to you to design it as you'd like.

The battle of iParenting versus imagination

Have we forgotten how to be imaginative, resourceful parents?

Why movement is so important for your baby's growth

Letting your child move as much as possible in the early years – using all senses, engaging in the real world, preferably outside – will help them grow up healthier, smarter, calmer and stronger.

Video: Toddler not keen on clean-shaven dad

This little girl thought she was taking part in a standard game of peek-a-boo, but her dad had a surprise for her.

When will I feel like myself again?

At some point I became 'me' again, but not the same me that I was ... and that’s not a bad thing.

Our Watch: ending the national emergency of domestic violence

An ambitious new national initiative aims to address the "national emergency" of domestic violence across Australia.

Decrease in stillbirths in late pregnancy and older mums

There has been a fall in the number of stillbirths among some groups of women despite the overall rate remaining stable, a new report reveals.

My baby was permanently injured during birth

My baby was a few months old when we first heard the term “brachial plexus birth injury” and the heart wrenching news that he may never gain full function of his arm.

Being a yo-yo mama is the rhythm of motherhood

A flip-flop happy-sad can occur in the same minute, the same second. And it continues forever, throughout a yo-yo mama's tenure, beginning with pregnancy.

Is it okay to ask for money instead of gifts?

First it was weddings. Then it was engagement parties. Now it seems christenings are following the trend of asking guests for money in lieu of gifts.

Crash testing new parenthood

The new documentary series Crash Test Mummies & Daddies takes a fly-on-the-wall look at the first months of life with a newborn.

Itching for a solution to eczema

Around 30 per cent of children live with eczema every day. A dad shares his son's story and gets advice from an expert.

Video: The challenges and joys of making new mum friends

This hilarious video shows how making new mum friends can be awkward - but reassures that it is possible.

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Got bored kids? Quickly find the best activities for kids wherever you are in Australia with the Essential Kids app.

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Losing yourself to motherhood

While watching your baby grow into a unique little person is exciting and wondrous, the intensity of meeting everyone else’s needs can ever so sneakily overtake your own needs for self-care.

Tearing during delivery: the facts

Almost all women will experience bruising, grazing or tearing after a vaginal birth. Depending on the degree of tearing, there are various treatments available.

6 tips for a day out with a baby and toddler

Outings can be lots of fun with the kids, but there are inevitable challenges. Here's some information about days out to help you be a little more prepared.

Why I invited a dozen people to watch my son's birth

I sent invitations on burgundy scrapbooking paper stamped with a field of poppies, and told each person why I wanted him or her there. I warned that there would be nudity.

Getting labour started: tips for a natural induction

When your baby’s due date comes and goes without so much as a pop - let alone a bang - it can be disheartening. Mums and a doula share their stories of natural inductions.

7 mistakes old hands make with new babies

As I sat across the table from my friend – me, a seasoned mother of three; her, a brand new mum – I thought of all the mistakes an old-hand parent can make when visiting a newborn baby.

That's my boy: a dad's diary of the first 4 months

Unbearable anxiety, unspeakable joy, constant exhaustion and bouts of frustration ... The many shocks of first-time fatherhood resound in a dad's diary of his son's early months.

One of the most important things a new mum can do

Finances may not be as cute as a newborn, but with many women’s working arrangements changing post-baby, monetary matters need attention too.

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