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Pinky is an international board certified lactation consultant, best-selling baby care author and mum of five who specialises in gentle parenting techniques. Check out Pinky’s books, parenting resources and free newsletter at

Busting the booby traps of low milk supply

Pinky McKay If you’re having a hard time, you don’t need to ditch your nursing bra just yet.

Babies, relatives and coping with Christmas day

It’s your baby’s first Christmas. It’s exciting but also a bit overwhelming too as you try to plan the big day with family and friends.

Pinky McKay Everyone will love your baby but your baby may not be so happy to be passed around a lot of new people - nor may you want to feed with an audience.

Five ways your baby shows he loves you

Even newborns recognise and prefer their mother's smell over others.

Pinky McKay Your care is helping your baby thrive. As your bond grows, he’ll show you in his own special ways that you are the most important person in his world.

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Five ways to prepare for breastfeeding while you're still pregnant


Pinky McKay Yes, breastfeeding can be challenging at first. But by preparing for it while you're still pregnant, you give yourself a much better chance of beating the ‘booby traps’ and getting through the early...

Weaning suddenly - or is it a nursing strike?


Pinky McKay When you first breastfeed your tiny baby, you may have some idea of how long you intend to breastfeed. However babies of any age can suddenly refuse to breastfeed, leaving you wondering "is that it?".

Boobie blues: the depression we never talk about


Pinky McKay It’s perfectly normal to have feelings of sadness when weaning from breastfeeding. But for some women, those feelings can actually be amplified into post-weaning depression.

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Co-sleeping, SIDS and a grieving family


Pinky McKay Meaghan's emotions have run the gamut since her three-month-old baby died of SIDS. But right now she is angry.

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The risks of overpraising young children

Pinky McKay And it’s not only TV celebs who gush, ‘you are amaaaazing!’ It seems as though everyone is saying it, everywhere we go, especially parents.

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A little respect: teaching protective behaviours from the start

kiss baby

Pinky McKay Respecting babies and little children is about empathy. It’s also about the subtle messages we convey to littlies about their right to own their bodies and to refuse unwanted touching.

Why does my baby want to feed all night?

night feed

Pinky McKay So often I hear mums say, “My baby wants to breastfeed all evening – I’m worried about my milk supply.”

The truth about attachment parenting

attachment parenting

Pinky McKay The label "attachment parenting" has created strong emotions and divisions among mothers. Pinky McKay explains is the origin of the term and why you don't have to have a baby strappped to you 24...

Beating ‘bad habits’ gradually, with love

Most newborns and young babies need some help to fall asleep.

Pinky McKay It’s scary isn’t it, being a new mum and feeling pressured from all directions to resist cuddling, rocking (or heaven forbid!), feeding your baby to sleep – in case you create’ bad habits’?...

Pills, potions and milk supply


Pinky McKay It's best to be aware of the potential side effects of both natural and prescription medications designed to increase breast milk supply.

Why breastfeeding women need to ‘get em out’ in public

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Pinky McKay If more mums felt comfortable enough to feed in public we could get used to seeing breastfeeding as normal, rather than something that should be done ‘discreetly’, behind wraps and capes and closed...

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Expressing before your baby is born


Pinky McKay In perfect circumstances, colostrum should be every newborn’s first feed. Here's how to express while you're still pregnant to try to make that happen.

Why 'surrender' is not a dirty word


Pinky McKay Perhaps the biggest lesson motherhood has to teach us is a quality that's closely linked to trust – and that is that we also have to surrender.

Pinky tells: "Why I flipped my lid at baby tamers"

Pinky McKay head shot

Pinky McKay Last week, a late night, sarcastic rant caused a firestorm on Pinky McKay's blog. Here's what she has to say to the mothers offended by her words.

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Every breastfeed is a success


Pinky McKay However long you breastfeed or how much breast-milk you are able to give your baby, this magic potion made by mums is like medicine.

Does your baby really need night feeds?

breast feeding

Pinky McKay There's a lot of conflicting advice about when to stop night time breastfeeds. Pinky McKay explains why extending these nocturnal feeds is a good idea - for both mum and baby.

The REAL truth about having a baby


Pinky McKay The REAL truth about having a baby – what they never tell you. Pinky McKay shares some practical advice for new mothers on breastfeeding, sleep, crying and the importance of looking after the new...