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Pinky is an international board certified lactation consultant, best-selling baby care author and mum of five who specialises in gentle parenting techniques. Check out Pinky’s books, parenting resources and free newsletter at

Making breast milk: does boob size matter?

Pinky McKay Instead of becoming stressed about how much milk your breasts are making or storing, I joke that we have either shot glasses or 'jugs'.

Not breastfeeding, not guilty


Pinky McKay Guilt is only legitimate if we have let another person down. And nobody can make us feel guilty without our permission.

Solutions for 5 common worries about bringing baby home


Pinky McKay We asked our Facebook followers what worried them most about bringing their newborn home from hospital.

Dad, you can help your partner on her breastfeeding journey

Pinky McKay Did you know that a father's impact is the single most crucial factor in breastfeeding success?

Breastfeeding: making it work when you return to work


Pinky McKay While more and more women are making breastfeeding work as they return to paid employment, for many the decision is fraught with worry about how they'll manage.

Why lazy parenting is good for us - and our kids


Pinky McKay By my fourth baby, I'd wholeheartedly embraced a philosophy of 'lazy parenting' – or, as I liked to call it with her older siblings, 'benevolent neglect'.

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Breastfeeding while pregnant: is it safe?

Pinky McKay Many women happily breastfeed well into pregnancy while others wean sooner; yet others continue to breastfeed both infants together. This is a personal choice.

Tongue tie: what you need to know

Pinky McKay Tongue and lip tie can lead to many problems for babies - and their parents. Here are the signs of tongue tie and how it's treated.

10 common breastfeeding problems (and how to solve them)


Pinky McKay Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your baby, but it often doesn’t come naturally at first. Here are some common issues and how to fix them.

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Busting the booby traps of low milk supply


Pinky McKay If you’re having a hard time, you don’t need to ditch your nursing bra just yet.

Babies, relatives and coping with Christmas day

It’s your baby’s first Christmas. It’s exciting but also a bit overwhelming too as you try to plan the big day with family and friends.

Pinky McKay Everyone will love your baby but your baby may not be so happy to be passed around a lot of new people - nor may you want to feed with an audience.

Five ways your baby shows he loves you

Even newborns recognise and prefer their mother's smell over others.

Pinky McKay Your care is helping your baby thrive. As your bond grows, he’ll show you in his own special ways that you are the most important person in his world.

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Weaning suddenly - or is it a nursing strike?


Pinky McKay When you first breastfeed your tiny baby, you may have some idea of how long you intend to breastfeed. However babies of any age can suddenly refuse to breastfeed, leaving you wondering "is that it?".

Boobie blues: the depression we never talk about


Pinky McKay It’s perfectly normal to have feelings of sadness when weaning from breastfeeding. But for some women, those feelings can actually be amplified into post-weaning depression.

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Co-sleeping, SIDS and a grieving family


Pinky McKay Meaghan's emotions have run the gamut since her three-month-old baby died of SIDS. But right now she is angry.

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The risks of overpraising young children

Pinky McKay And it’s not only TV celebs who gush, ‘you are amaaaazing!’ It seems as though everyone is saying it, everywhere we go, especially parents.

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A little respect: teaching protective behaviours from the start

kiss baby

Pinky McKay Respecting babies and little children is about empathy. It’s also about the subtle messages we convey to littlies about their right to own their bodies and to refuse unwanted touching.

Why does my baby want to feed all night?

night feed

Pinky McKay So often I hear mums say, “My baby wants to breastfeed all evening – I’m worried about my milk supply.”

The truth about attachment parenting

attachment parenting

Pinky McKay The label "attachment parenting" has created strong emotions and divisions among mothers. Pinky McKay explains is the origin of the term and why you don't have to have a baby strappped to you 24...

Beating ‘bad habits’ gradually, with love

Most newborns and young babies need some help to fall asleep.

Pinky McKay It’s scary isn’t it, being a new mum and feeling pressured from all directions to resist cuddling, rocking (or heaven forbid!), feeding your baby to sleep – in case you create’ bad habits’?...