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Melanie is a staff writer for Essential Baby.

Arion and Peleh take out Bonds title

Melanie Mahoney Like most mums, Louise Schmuelly always thought her babies were adorable. This week, the Bonds Baby Search judges agreed with her.

Video: Baby tries salt and vinegar chips for the first time

Melanie Mahoney Kids can have some very funny reactions when trying new foods – and little Sadie’s first experience with salt and vinegar flavoured chips is pretty darn cute.

Man devastated by fiance's faked quintuplet pregnancy


Melanie Mahoney A woman has duped her boyfriend, friends and well-meaning strangers into believing she was going to have quintuplets until arriving at hospital to supposedly give birth.

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Mum with 'insane' pumping skills breaks world record

amelia boomker

Melanie Mahoney She may have had a hard time breastfeeding her own four kids, but Amelia Boomker has helped feed thousands of other people’s babies.

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Video: Baby starts his day with a dance party

dance christian

Melanie Mahoney Few people start their day the same way this little guy does – dancing, smiling, and generally having an awesome time.

Colombia's fattest baby rescued by charity

santiago mendoza

Melanie Mahoney A charity group has come to the aid of Colombia’s fattest baby, an eight-month-old boy who weighs a shocking 19.7kg.

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Woolworths worker to mum: 'You should be breastfeeding'


Melanie Mahoney A mum of three was left upset and disappointed after a senior supermarket staff member told her that she shouldn't be giving her baby formula.

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Mum asked to leave Victoria's Secret store to breastfeed son in alley

victoria's secret

Melanie Mahoney For a company that makes billions of dollars a year selling bras, whose ads feature women dressed in nothing but sexy lingerie, you’d think that Victoria’s Secret stores would be...

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Video: Girl meets dad's identical twin for first time


Melanie Mahoney An adorable video showing a baby meeting her father’s identical twin has quickly gone viral.

Rabbi sued after severing newborn's penis during circumcision

baby cry

Melanie Mahoney A rabbi is being sued for severing a newborn's penis during a botched circumcision ceremony.

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Tommee Tippee dummies recalled due to safety concerns

dummy recall

Melanie Mahoney Jackel Pty Limited, the suppliers of Tommee Tippee products in Australia, has announced the voluntary recall of a range of its dummies.

IKEA recalls lamps after child's death

ikea lamp

Melanie Mahoney IKEA has recalled their popular range of SMILA wall mounted lamps following the death of a toddler who was strangled on the power cord.

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Doctors find dandelion growing in baby's ear


Melanie Mahoney Doctors made a shocking discovery when they found a dandelion growing inside 16-month-old’s ear canal.

Angelcare monitors recalled after baby deaths


Melanie Mahoney Angelcare Monitors is recalling 600,000 baby monitors in the US and Canada after the deaths of two babies.

Video: A mother's love for her premmie baby

Ward Miles

Melanie Mahoney "This video sums up my son's first year. He was born way too early, and the obstacles he had to overcome were really big."

Bus driver boots family off bus because of baby's cries

Transperth Bus

Andrew King and Melanie Mahoney A mother of two has been left embarrassed after she was kicked off a bus because her baby was crying.

Video: Baby gets adorably emotional when her mum sings


Melanie Mahoney The premise is simple: a mum sings to her 10-month-old baby. But the resulting video is just so sweet and not quite what you'd expect.

Monkey bites off and eats baby's testicle at wildlife park

maaque monkey

Melanie Mahoney A baby has had a testicle ripped off and eaten by a wild monkey at a Chinese wildlife park.

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Officials hope to ban bottles in Venezuela

baby bottle

Melanie Mahoney Venezuela's Congress will next week discuss legislation that would ban bottle feeding, in an effort to encourage breastfeeding and reduce the use of baby formula in the nation.

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The babies who sleep in boxes

baby in box

Melanie Mahoney In 1938, the Finnish government began giving parents-to-be packages to help them care for their babies, supplying them with clothes, nappies, and a box that could be used as the child’s bed.

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