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Melanie is a staff writer for Essential Baby.

Newborn conjoined twins successfully separated

Melanie Mahoney Swiss doctors have separated eight-day-old conjoined sisters – the youngest ever successfully separated.

Adorable baby experiences rain for the first time, couldn't be happier

Harper and her dad enjoying the rain.

Melanie Mahoney Harper had seen rain from the comfort of indoors before, but had never had the pleasure of being outside and experiencing it first hand.

The baby who really, really loves his spatula


Melanie Mahoney The love affair started when the family came across the cooking equipment in a shop last week.

Mum shares portrait of her proudly breastfeeding three-year-old

Jade Beall and her son Sequoia.

Melanie Mahoney Jade Beall usually chooses to breastfeed her son, now 3, in private. This week, however, she shared portraits of her breastfeeding her preschooler.

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17 times 'dad reflexes' saved the day

Melanie Mahoney Of course, in some cases they may be the ones who actually got their child into a precarious position in the first place, but we'll ignore that for now.

How strangers are helping a mum's wish come true after her death

Gone too soon: Mum of five Liz Marquez and her son Brixton.

Melanie Mahoney A mum of five, Liz Marquez wanted to breastfeed her premmie son for a year. So when she passed away suddenly, her friends - and strangers - stepped in to help.

How the cold sore virus killed baby Eloise

Baby Eloise was born on November 1.

Melanie Mahoney Sarah Pugh didn’t expect any issues when she welcomed baby Eloise into the world. She certainly didn't expect her to pass away just 25 days later, a victim of a common virus.

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'I want mums to know they can study': photo of breastfeeding graduate goes viral

Jacci Sharkey with partner Chris and sons Ari and Alek on her graduation day.

Melanie Mahoney A photo showing a mum breastfeeding her baby on her graduation day has gone viral, drawing thousands of comments of support for the young mum.

Video: Baby's first birthday is a special day for mum, too

pampers ad

Melanie Mahoney “A baby’s first birthday is also mum’s first birthday.”

Baby formula recalled after lizard found in tin


Melanie Mahoney A popular baby formula brand has recalled a batch of products after a Sydney mum reported finding a dead lizard inside a formula tin last week.

Parents face charges after baby's solo parasailing flight


Melanie Mahoney A couple who sent their 11-month-old daughter on a solo parasailing flight are being investigated on child abuse charges.

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Video: Did this baby really say 'I love you'?

i love you baby

Melanie Mahoney It's the video that's dividing audiences around the world: did this baby really say ‘I love you’?

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'Miracle baby' survives 11-storey fall from balcony


Melanie Mahoney A toddler who survived an 11-storey fall has been dubbed "the miracle baby".

Dad takes newborn to soccer game on way home from hospital


Melanie Mahoney It’s never too early to try to get your kids interested in sport – at least, that’s the thinking of one soccer-mad dad.

Arion and Peleh take out Bonds title

arion peleh

Melanie Mahoney Like most mums, Louise Schmuelly always thought her babies were adorable. This week, the Bonds Baby Search judges agreed with her.

Video: Baby tries salt and vinegar chips for the first time


Melanie Mahoney Kids can have some very funny reactions when trying new foods – and little Sadie’s first experience with salt and vinegar flavoured chips is pretty darn cute.

Man devastated by fiance's faked quintuplet pregnancy


Melanie Mahoney A woman has duped her boyfriend, friends and well-meaning strangers into believing she was going to have quintuplets until arriving at hospital to supposedly give birth.

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Mum with 'insane' pumping skills breaks world record

amelia boomker

Melanie Mahoney She may have had a hard time breastfeeding her own four kids, but Amelia Boomker has helped feed thousands of other people’s babies.

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Video: Baby starts his day with a dance party

dance christian

Melanie Mahoney Few people start their day the same way this little guy does – dancing, smiling, and generally having an awesome time.

Colombia's fattest baby rescued by charity

santiago mendoza

Melanie Mahoney A charity group has come to the aid of Colombia’s fattest baby, an eight-month-old boy who weighs a shocking 19.7kg.

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