Lindy Alexander

Lindy Alexander

Lindy is a freelance writer, social worker, student, gardener, mum and eater of all things sweet.

5 surprising things I've learnt since having my second child

Lindy Alexander There are things that you can prepare for when you're having a second child, but some things are completely unexpected.

Childhood around the world


Lindy Alexander It can be easy to assume our ideas around childhood are universal, but they are particular to where we live, as these practices show.

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Breastfeeding an adopted child

adopted baby

Lindy Alexander Adopting a child doesn't mean you have to miss out on breastfeeding, but it isn’t always a straight or easy road.

Does baby sign language work?

signing baby

Lindy Alexander I’m not using sign language to try and increase my son's intelligence, or to give him a head start. Rather, it gives me an insight into my son that I wouldn’t have had until much later.